FIFA 21: EA gives reasons for the lack of next-gen features on the PC

FIFA 21 looks better on next-gen consoles than it does on PC. EA explains why they are again exempting PC gamers from the improvements.

Fans of FIFA should be familiar with it from the last releases of the consoles: The latest FIFA 21 on the PC this year also foregoes graphic improvements and individual features that are included on the new consoles. That was known before the release on September 9th. Before the upcoming release of the next-gen versions on December 4th, developer EA Sports revealed in a presentation which features we missed in detail.

The following improvements appear only on Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X:

  • Improved rendering and lighting
  • New animations for multiple short ball touches
  • New animations for non-ball players
  • Muscle definition: More detailed representation of muscle strands in the players
  • Visually improved strand-based hair on some top players
  • Ball deformation: The pill deforms as it does in reality when it is shot.
  • New camera perspective that should allow a better overview
  • Improved video scenes before a game
  • More intense celebrations for important goals

Of course, the graphics in particular benefit from these changes. You can also see for yourself how good FIFA 21 looks on PS5 and Xbox Series X compared to PC using the first next-gen screenshots:

PC version

Next generation

Why doesn't this appear on PC?

FIFA 21 for Next-Gen will be released on December 4, 2020, for owners of the PS4 or Xbox One version even as a free upgrade. However, PC gamers will not receive the upgrade. As the reason for this decision, EA stated that they wanted to keep the system requirements low in order to "open the doors to everyone who wants to play FIFA and to include everyone."

Accordingly, data showed which PC configurations many PC players were equipped with, whereupon it was decided to suspend the improvements in FIFA 21 on PC. Executive Producer Aaron McHardy continued:

"To run the Gen Five game, our minimum specification would have been in a place that would have excluded a lot of people. So we decided to keep the PC version of the game on the Gen Four version for FIFA, so that we can open the doors and involve everyone who wants to play FIFA. "

Players on PC will probably have to wait until FIFA 2022 in order to benefit from the latest improvements.  

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