FIFA 21: Week 6, Season 1 Weekly Challenges, Our Guide to complete the objectives

FIFA 21: Week 6, Season 1 Weekly Challenges, Our Guide to complete the objectives

Each week, FIFA 21's FUT mode will give you a wide range of challenges to complete. Accessible on Playstation 4 , Xbox One and PC , so you will all be affected by these challenges. More or less difficult to achieve, they will be essential if you want to unlock all the stages of the current season! To help you out, here's our guide to the Week 6 Weekly Challenges of Season 1.

As a reminder, the weekly challenges are classified according to 3 ranks: Bronze, Silver and Gold . You will have to complete all the challenges of your rank to unlock the next one. Some are easy, while others may give you some trouble. Nevertheless, it is possible to be tricky with a few tips that will help you not to spend too much time completing these challenges!


List of Bronze challenges:

  • TRANSFER WINDOW (158 XP): Accept a player in the Transfer Market with the Buy It Now option
Go to the transfer market and buy a bronze player for up to 200 credits.

  • Play 2 matches (315 XP): Play 2 matches in any FUT mode
Victory is not compulsory, just be careful not to leave the match until the final whistle.

  • V for Volley (551 XP): Score from a volley in any FUT mode
Several options are available to you, make a cross and then make a strike by pressing the keys SQUARE+ L2 / X + LT, or with your attacker press the right joystick to lift your ball and continue with a strike.

  • Wing Wizard  (551 XP): Score two goals with a GA in any FUT mode
Here you will have to score goals with a player whose real position is AG. You can therefore, if you wish, establish 3, 4 or 5 players whose position is AG: their position on the field is not taken into account for this challenge.

In order to spend as little time as possible on this first level, the Wing Wizard  and V for Volley challenges can be performed during a Team Clash match in low difficulty as a beginner or an amateur. All you have to do is play a match in any other game mode to complete the bronze tier in just 2 matches.

Experience bonus after completing all Bronze challenges : 175 XP


List of Silver challenges:

  • GOOD 2 WIN (630 XP): Win 2 matches in any FUT mode
  • FRIENDLY 3 (473 XP): Score 3 goals in friendlies
To easily achieve this challenge, it is advisable to play a mystery ball match in order to easily score at least 3 goals.

  • BATTLE 4 PASSING (1103 XP): Provide 4 assists in Team Battles at minimum Semi-Pro level
If the difficulty of the match is causing you problems, first go for a team with low overall and collective scores. Then, during your match, don't hesitate to play the counter-attack card. If you picked a weak team, chances are good that defenders have low speed ratings, so it will be easy to pick up speed and perform deep assists ( TRIANGLE or L1 + TRIANGLE/ Y or LB + Y)

  • RIVAL 2 (945 XP): Play 2 matches in Rivals
Victory is not mandatory to complete this challenge, however, be careful not to leave the game before the final whistle: a match is never finished early and it is still possible to win a match that started off badly.

This level will normally require you 4 matches to complete, you will be required to play at least one friendly match, one team clash match and two rival matches. You should normally win your Team Battles match, then it's up to you to win at least one of the remaining three matches. Little tip: you can, as part of your friendly match, send a private message to your opponent to ask him to let you win, mutual aid sometimes works well on FIFA!

Experience bonus after completing all Silver challenges : 425 XP


List of Gold challenges:

  • MIGHT OVER MATTER (578 XP): Score in 2 matches Separate Team Battles at minimum Pro level using a player with at least 85 PHY
  • CANNON SHOT (1155 XP): Score an out-of-box goal in Rivals with a player at least 85 in SHOOTING
  • POWERFUL ASSIST (578 XP): Make 2 offensive passes in the same match Clashes of teams at minimum Pro level using a player with at least 85 in PHY.
For all three of these challenges, you don't have to win at all, so don't panic, so all you have to do is score or pass and not leave the game until the final whistle blows. For the Rivals challenge, you can send a message to your opponent asking them to let you score from afar, again don't underestimate the community's support!

  • Team of the Week (2310 XP): Win a Team Clash against Featured Team of the Week at minimum Pro level
The team of the week in the spotlight can be found in the team clashes tab, in the "special" section bearing the "21" logo.

  • 3,500 Rivals Points (1155 XP): Earn 3,500 Rivals Points
You should complete this challenge quickly as you go through your Rivals matches. Just be sure not to leave matches until the end. Even losses earn you points.

Experience bonus after completing all Gold challenges : 642 XP

The Gold level will require more concentration on your part, its difficulty is greater than the 2 previous ranks. Once again, the difficulty is higher, but the XP bonuses are definitely higher too! With the Gold level, a total of 6,418 experience points await you!

This week, you will be able to pocket a total of 11,744 experience points after completing all the challenges.

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