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Final Fantasy XVI world map published.

Final Fantasy XVI

Square Enix has launched an official website of Final Fantasy XVI , where they posted some promotional material. Among them was a full-fledged map of the world, where the events of the game will take place.

Final Fantasy XVI world map published.

Judging by the image, the game world includes two continents and a scattering of islands in the southwest. Also on the map are marked sea routes.

It looks like the game will be able to travel by sea or air. Otherwise, it is impossible to get to another continent. Also, something is known about Valistea, the country where the main plot will unfold.

Apparently, the main role in the life of the game world is played by mother crystals - the centers of magic that allow people to live in comfort and abundance. Each of them became the center of the power. However, the world is threatened by the powerful and deadly creatures of the eikon. It seems that the hero, Clive Rosfield, will have to fight with them.