Fortnite: How to get free V-Bucks? (2020) - LEGAL

Fortnite: How to get free V-Bucks? (2020) - LEGAL

With the V-Bucks you can buy everything you need to move forward. You can use micropayments, but here we tell you the best ways to get free and legal in-game currency.

To buy new objects aesthetic, dances and much more in Fortnite , need V-Bucks, the currency of the free to play title from Epic Games. If you want to save time, you can go through the micropayments ring and buy packs with real money for the game. However, obviously these coins can be obtained by playing and precisely here we bring you the best methods to get free V-Bucks legally.

First of all, clarifications from Captain Obvious about farming V-Bucks:

  • You can farm V-Bucks by doing missions in Save the World but it is not a fast system .
  • The rewards that are obtained for "advancing in history" are only obtained once (more than from Captain, it is from General Obvious).
  • If you don't complete the temporary / daily quests before the time is up, there is no reward.
  • Epic makes money from micropayments from V-Bucks, so understandably there is no really fast system.
  • The only legal way to get V-Bucks is through the video game or some other alternative way that Epic Games is involved (such as a sweepstakes). Any other suspicious method is probably a scam and we recommend that you stay away.

Get V-Bucks with Save the World mode - How to buy?

We start here although it is a bit absurd if you want to play completely free, but you should know that you can "invest" and buy the Save the world mode to win V-Bucks thanks to it.

  • Saving the World is PvE (player vs. enemies) mode and can be played offline . If you see that you like the game in general and want to get V-Bucks quickly without going through micropayments, in the long term it will be profitable.
  • The V-Bucks are shared on our account, regardless of whether we have obtained them in Save the World or in multiplayer modes.
  • Save the World is not available on Nintendo Switch or mobile devices .

The bottom line is that if you have Save the World , you can get V-Bucks offline and online and the game allows you to buy the same items, regardless of how you got them. Keep in mind that the greatest variety of ways to get V-Bucks is precisely offline. If you are interested in purchasing Save the World mode, there are several packs that can be purchased from the game's own store or this official website .

Note: Keep in mind that prices may change at some point. The ideal occasion to buy the mode is usually during a sale for certain special dates of the year, such as Christmas (when they usually reduce it to half the price).

Fortnite: Save the World - Standard Founders Pack for € 39.99

  • 7 Llama Packs including Founder Loot.
  • 4 game banner icons.
  • Unlimited access to the Fortnite Save the World PvE cooperative campaign.

Fortnite: Save the World - Deluxe Founders Pack for € 59.99

  • Rare Starter Weapon Pack.
  • Founders exclusive pistol.
  • Starter Hero Pack with eight heroes.
  • 33 Llama Packs including Founder's Packs.
  • 50 additional camera inventory slots.
  • 10 game banner icons.
  • 10 XP boosters for you and 10 to share.
  • Unlimited access to the Fortnite Save the World PvE cooperative campaign.

Connect daily (Save the world)

  • You simply have to log in when playing Save the World .
  • You get V-Bucks after you connect 11 days in a row .
  • The amount is relatively low, but it is not necessary to do anything more than connect and little by little, money is accumulating.
  • You only get the reward once a day, of course.

Finish daily tasks (Save the world)

  • Saving the world has its own main story. Advance through the story to unlock Daily Missions .
  • These are daily Challenges without any complications and that you must complete.
  • In essence, they are like the Challenges of the Battle Royale mode, but simpler and, of course, offline .
  • You will get a minimum of 50 V-Bucks .
  • Obviously, they can only be done once a day.

Missions in Stonewood (Save the World)

  • This is the best way to earn V-Bucks at first .
  • The system is based on completing missions from Rank 1 to 19 in Stonewood .
  • All of these missions are enemy wave missions , in which you must kill all the targets while defending an area.
  • It is the most effective system known until reaching level 70.

Twine Peaks missions (Save the world)

  • It is mandatory to have a team member at level 70 .
  • To clarify: Twine Peaks missions can be done at level 20, but it takes someone level 70 to activate them .
  • They do not offer any kind of more complicated system than usual, just kill enemies to complete the missions.
  • This is the most effective system to get V-Bucks in the entire game.

Complete the Storm Shield missions (Save the world)

  • When you've advanced enough through the story, the Storm Shield missions unlock .
  • There are a total of ten Storm Shield missions in each zone.
  • You will get 100 V-Bucks for each of the missions, except for the tenth, which you will get 150.
  • Defense missions can be replayed indefinitely.

Complete the Collection Book (Save the World)

  • When you advance a bit, you will unlock the Collection Book (upon reaching level 10 you will have enough skill points to unlock it, and it is a required route).
  • In this book, in order not to have problems , you must "place" THE DUPLICATES (we emphasize it, now you will understand why) of everything that they ask you and have in your possession.
  • What you put in the Book is lost , so be very clear if you really want to get rid of the object and if you have it duplicated.
  • You cannot get back what you put in the Book .
  • There are a total of 29 pages .
  • The Book itself will indicate all the rewards that you will receive as you complete the pages.
Obviously, if you don't mind losing the object in question, you can do it without any inconvenience even if you don't have it duplicated.

Challenges and side missions (Save the World and Battle Royale)

Do not miss the opportunity to perform secondary missions in Fortnite Battle Royale because you will get weapons and also objects to customize your character, as well as free coins. The amount of V - Bucks you can win is 150.

Another way to win V-Buck is with the challenges , they are unlocked at different times in the main story and you can complete them up to 10 times to win 50 V-Bucks each time.

Win free V-Bucks in the Battle Pass

Although this is not exactly a free method of entry, since it requires you to buy the Battle Pass for 950 V-Bucks (although it can be purchased "free" if you have to accumulate enough coins), it is interesting to take it into account since Through the different levels of the Pass you can win V-Bucks in small batches of 100 to 100 .

  • If you level up enough in a Battle Pass, you will win up to 1,500 extra V-Bucks .
  • In addition, this amount allows you to buy the next pass when it comes out and, what is left over, save it for other expenses you want to make.
  • On the other hand, many varied cosmetic items are achieved throughout the pass.

Earn free V-Bucks with Twitch

There is a cross promotion between Fortnite and the Twitch platform called Creators' Challenge . Thanks to this collaboration we can get free V-Bucks , as well as other additional rewards. If you want to participate in this promotion you must follow these steps :

  • Visit the official Fortnite + Twitch Creators' Challenge website : you need to log in with your Fortnite (Epic Games) account to continue.
  • You need a Twitch account - so if you don't have one yet, create one.
  • Now choose one of the content creators: the one you want to support, keep in mind that the decision has no going back once you have selected it.
  • Complete the special challenges: from now on you will have some challenges related to Fortnite and Twitch available to earn rewards (such as playing games of the game or watching a certain number of direct minutes from the chosen creator on the streaming platform).
Rewards you'll earn for completing these special Fortnite x Twitch promotion challenges include 100 free V-Bucks for your account, plus unique emotes and bits for Twitch.

Participate in events

Stay tuned for and participate in events that are running to earn rewards of all kinds. There is not much to tell you here, you just have to be aware of when there is one and what you should do.

Beware of scams, hacks and fraudulent ways to earn V-Bucks

These are all the ways we know to win free V-Bucks in Fortnite legally , do not fall for the many scams and rumors that are heard online . One of the latest examples is a website that claims that you can earn V-Bucks for free if you share a link through social media, but it has been proven to be false. Also, be careful to use some kind of cheat in Fortnite because you can be excluded from the game and miss the fun.

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