Fortnite week 2 PE passion challenge guide

Fortnite week 2 PE passion challenge guide

The fourth season of Fortnite has begun and has brought the narrative universe of Marvel into the game, once again underlining the excessive power of the Epic Games empire for collaboration compared to the rest of the videogame world.

Let's see together what are the challenges that with the eleventh week of the game, for this time defined as Passion PE.

How to solve the challenges of Fortnite Passion PE Week 2

Let's see together how to complete the PE passion challenges (experience points) of the second of Fortnite.

Phased challenge

Inflict 1000/2500/5000 damage to opponents using shotguns.

This challenge asks the player to inflict an increasing amount of damage to opponents using only those belonging to the shotgun family as weapons.

Eliminate 7 opponents using common / rare / epic rarity weapons

This challenge asks the player to eliminate opponents using only weapons of increasing rarity, from common to epic. To find the weapons remember to open the chests, especially the legendary ones.

Damage opponents by 50/150/250 using the Choppa helicopter blades.

This challenge asks the player to inflict increasing damage to opponents using the blades of the Choppa helicopter as an improper weapon, which can be found in different parts of the game map.

Catch 10 fish / Catch 10 fish with a professional fishing rod / Catch 10 fish with explosive weapons.

This rather simple challenge simply asks the player to catch fish using three different methodologies: normal, professional fishing rod and explosive weapons. Look for a water course, retrieve the fishing rods from the special barrels and then give us in with the barrels to complete this challenge.

Shoot a gas canister thrown by a teammate before it hits the ground.

Very simple: recover a petrol can from a petrol station scattered on the game map and give it to a teammate. Agree on the trajectory, use a shotgun and complete the challenge in just two shots. This challenge can also be completed in solitude.

What happened with the arrival of season 4 in Fortnite chapter 2?

The arrival of season 4 has brought a lot of news to Fortnite Chapter 2, with a lot of famous characters within the Marvel universe. The project set up by the guys of Epic Games, called The War of the Nexus , has allowed the introduction into the game of Heroes such as Storm, Iron Man, Groot, She Hulk and Thor, all together for the real battle.

By purchasing the new battle pass as a player, you will immediately have access to the character of Thor, the mythological god of thunder of Nordic extraction. By accumulating experience points it will also be possible to unlock all the other characters and all the cosmetic items provided for each of them.

To get experience points with relative speed it will only be necessary to accumulate experience points by facing the weekly challenges that will allow you to unlock all the contents of the pass.

We have created guides for practically all types of problems, starting with the most general ones related to objects, weapons, traps and buildings!

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