From Gorillaz to Iron Maiden: Coolest In-Game Clips & Games


Travis scott in game clips

On November 6, the British band Gorillaz released a video for the song The Valley of the Pagans. In it, musicians chase the streets of Los Santos fromGTA 5 on a black Vigero, with a "five-star" rating, get away from the police and generally have fun to the fullest. Thumbs up video, great music - and a great reason to remember the best videos shot in the games themselves and on the topic of games.

Kanye West, Travis Scott and GTA 5

And, in order not to leave GTA 5, let's remember the joint video of Kanye West and Travis Scott, in which footage from the popular game was lit up. The composition and video were named Wash Us in the Blood. The work should be included in Kanye's future album - Donda, but this, as they say, is not accurate.

Actually, there are not so many frames from the game in the video. In addition to running around Los Santos at night and shooting at a passing car Wash Us in the Blood, there is nothing special to brag about. But the video included excerpts from Kanye West's tour, as well as a performance by the Sunday Service gospel choir. At the moment, the video has collected over 10 million views. In general, if you love concept videos, then you should definitely not miss this drop from American rappers.

Paul McCartney and Destiny

From the sun-drenched California we are transported into the cold endless space. In 2014, Activision decided to promote Destiny and invited Paul McCartney to do this. Especially for the game, the musician recorded a single called Hope For The Future. Initially, the video was not supposed to be associated with the game, but closer to the release, locations from Destiny.

Sir McCartney himself said that his family prompted him to write the composition in many ways: “I know about it (Destiny) from my children and grandchildren. They literally buried themselves in this game. They often don't have enough time to listen to my music, so I decided to break into their schedule in such an unusual way. " Unfortunately, the video is no longer available for viewing.

Agnete Kjølsrud, Imagine Dragons and League of Legends

Riot Games did not remain aloof from the world of music, the developers League of Legends . In one of the updates, a new character appeared in the game - Jinx. The creators of the project wanted to promote it. The music and lyrics for the song were written by Norwegian singer Agnete Kjølsrud, lead singer of the hard rock band Djerv. The choice is definitely unusual, but it is worth noting that the music perfectly matched the gameplay for the new character. The players liked this kind of creativity. The video has over 96 million views so far.

A year later, Riot Games decided to repeat the success and released the Warriors video dedicated to the League of Legends World Championship. This time the band Imagine Dragons was in charge of the musical component. What can I say - the success was not only repeated, but also surpassed. The clip has nearly 300 million views and 2.5 million likes by the end of 2020.

Stormzy and Watch Dogs: Legion

And how not to remember the recent Watch Dogs: Legion? A few days ago, the popular British rapper Stormzy, who, by the way, appeared in the game as a character, posted a video for the track Rainfall. It is noteworthy that it is completely filmed on the game engine. Representatives of Ubisoft themselves explained that they invited the musician for cooperation, because, in their opinion, he is the voice of the oppressed layers of the population and a fighter against injustice.

However, there is nothing particularly remarkable in the video. Against the background of locations from the game, the musician reads the lines about "wanting to double your bank account" and that "the rain will fall on his enemies." Cool flow and quite ordinary text in our opinion. But an unambiguous respect for the original approach to the implementation of the clip. As a result - almost two million views in a week and a half.

Iron Maiden and all the games at once

Finally, we decided to leave the oldies of the world rock scene - the Iron Maiden group and their video for the song Speed ​​of Light. According to the group's mascots, the skeleton named Eddie embarks on a journey through the history of video games, from a brutal parody of the cult Donkey Kong to a modern 3D shooter. We like this approach to the clips, the group gets a prize from us for the coolest idea.

By the way, this is not the first time British metallers have turned to the topic of video games. In 1999, they supplemented their Ed Hunter CD with a video shooting of the same name (extremely lousy, I must say). And since 2016 on mobile you can play a good free-to-play RPG Legacy of the Beast.

That's all for today. Be sure to write in the comments if we missed any of your favorite music video clips. We do not say goodbye!

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