Games with prototypes of real historical figures


Games with prototypes of real historical figures

Game developers often add characters to their designs that are prototypes of real-life historical figures. Some creators even completely copy the appearance and character, having worked in detail on the study of historical documents. There are those that follow a simpler path and create something similar to a famous person, but the players still recognize in them those people whom they read about in history lessons. This is a selection of games in which you can not only meet a historical figure, but also learn a lot of interesting things about him.

Dante - Dante's Inferno (2010)

Dante - Dante's Inferno (2010)

Let's start with the most obvious example of using a historical personality in a game. In Dante's Inferno, the developers decided to make the great writer Dante Alighieri the main character of the game. It is in this Game that you can find out what all 9 circles of hell look like from Dante's famous poem “The Divine Comedy”. According to the plot of this work, it is the author who travels through Hell and describes in detail what he saw. Dante's Inferno writers decided to take a different route. They turned the writer into a former knight-Templar, who destroys evil spirits and periodically sews his own sins onto his chest in the form of a huge, red cross made of fabric.

The game itself is a slasher with RPG elements. Your task is to run across hellish locations and exterminate all kinds of evil spirits. Here you can find prototypes of demons, which Dante described in his poem, as well as many creatures invented by the developers themselves. Dante's Inferno is a pretty peppy slasher and almost as good as Devil May Cry. If you like this, then definitely worth a try, especially since, in addition to the killer gameplay, the game will also give you a non-standard retelling of the "Divine Comedy" by Dante Alighieri himself.

Nikola Tesla - The Order 1886 (2015)

Nikola Tesla - The Order 1886

If you know even a little about history, then you know perfectly well that the famous scientist Nikola Tesla participated in the so-called "War of Currents". In it, he supported, in his opinion, a cooler - alternating current for the transmission of energy. Moreover, he had to fight not with just anyone, but with Thomas Edison himself, who insisted that ordinary current is the best invention of mankind.

In The Order 1886the developers decided not only to add Nikola Tesla, but also to completely replay the real historical facts. The game takes place in 1886 in London, which is teeming with various creatures, and the main character is trying with all his might to save innocent people. The same Nikola Tesla comes to his aid, who makes several cool AC cannons for the main character to fight monsters. In real life, Tesla at this time had long emigrated to the United States, but the developers decided to show an alternative version of the world in which the scientist decided to stay in England and help people. Such a dark story, in which Nikola Tesla appears, you will not see anywhere else.

Nero - Ryse: Son of Rome (2013)

Nero - Ryse: Son of Rome

Being the ruler of the whole of Rome is not an easy task, and sometimes it happens that great managers go crazy. Nero, who ruled the state from 50 to 54 AD, belongs to just such historical figures. Not only did this man publicly execute his mother and poison his own brother, he also burned down the whole city, on which he built his empire with huge palaces. Unfortunately, today it is impossible to find out about the characteristics of Nero's character and what motivated him when he did this. Nevertheless, the developers of Ryse: Son of Rome decided to add it to their game and portray it in their own way.

In the game, Nero is constantly exploited by the cunning god of the wind. It is he who helps him to do dirty deeds and terrorize the entire Roman Empire. When the main character Ryse: Son of Rome wants to deal with this villain, he asks for a dagger to kill himself on his own. If history is to be believed, Nero is the first Roman ruler to commit suicide. Nevertheless, the scriptwriters of the game decided that it would be much more interesting if Nero took the dagger, then betrayed you, and after a while also stabs the main character with his own weapon. True, in the final, the fight with Nero will end in disaster for him. And how ironic it is that he dies at the hands of his own statue, or rather, from her sword.

Albert Einstein - Command & Conquer: Red Alert (1996)

Albert Einstein - Command & Conquer: Red Alert

Albert Einstein is one of the most famous scientists in the world. It was with his help that numerous technologies began to develop. Einstein is the author of the theory of relativity, an important work on photons. He even invented a refrigerator without moving parts, which gave life to modern household appliances, and it is thanks to this guy that your food does not spoil and remains fresh for several days.

At Red Alertthe developers decided to show it in rather unusual conditions. The scientist puts off all his affairs and travels to the past to kill Adolf Hitler. After that, he comes back and sees that the USSR has become the most dominant state on the planet, and the anti-Hitler coalition opposes it. Considering the fact that Einstein was an ardent pacifist all his life and drowned him as best he could for ending the war all over the world, his decision in Red Alert looks very logical. Nevertheless, it is unlikely that in the intervals between work on scientific games, he sat and created a time machine. In any case, you will definitely be interested in seeing a real historical figure in this role.

Frederic Chopin - Eternal Sonata (2007)

Frederic Chopin - Eternal Sonata (2007)

If you believe the historical facts, then Frederic Chopin was a real genius. He had such a phenomenal brain that at the age of 7 he began to compose amazing musical works. Many of them are still used today in theater productions, films and games. Unfortunately, the life of the great musician ended when he was only 39 years old. As historians write, this happened due to a severe form of tuberculosis, but there is no concrete evidence for this.

Eternal sonataIs a game that decided to show what Frederic Chopin was thinking about in the last minutes of his life, suffering from pain, lying on the bed in his house. Moreover, the action of the game takes place entirely, roughly speaking, in Chopin's fantasies. Here he travels with his friends in the fantasy world, practices magic and fights the henchmen of the evil Count Waltz. Naturally, all this is the invention of the developers of Eternal Sonata , who managed to quite interestingly tie the historical person to the fictional universe.

At the same time, in the course of the game, the creators do not forget to pause between battles, adding cut-scenes with historical facts about Chopin to his amazing music. Perhaps this is one of the most compelling reasons to play Eternal Sonata today and look at what may have been going on in the head of a famous musician before his death.

Half History Book - Assassin's Creed Series (2007-2018)

Half History Book - Assassin's Creed Series (2007-2018)

All games from this collection depicted historical figures with minor errors or in general in a new way, as, for example, in the same Dante's Inferno. Nevertheless, it was the developers of the Assassin's Creed series who specifically played with real historical characters and do whatever they want with them.

Absolutely every character in these games is either a Templar or helps assassins. Undoubtedly, in the Middle Ages there were guys in hoods with hidden blades who committed contract killings and thereby earned their living. Historical evidence of the existence of the Knights Templar also exists, and it cannot be argued that they were and were engaged in rather dirty business. Nevertheless, there was no large-scale war between these two "syndicates", and it is unlikely that over the years they turned into some kind of Masonic lodge. Assassin's Creed

Writers distorted the fate of absolutely all historical figures who appeared in their games. Starting with the fact that the right hand of the first president of the United States, George Washington, was Hamilton, and not some kind of assassin, and ending with the fact that the Prime Minister of Great Britain, Benjamin Disraeli, never helped assassins in hoods and was not seen in any or conspiracies. In any case, the Assassin's Creed series is a great opportunity to meet real historical figures, but you should not take their prototypes in the game seriously, and even more so, you should not use facts from the game of the series in disputes on historical topics.

These are the unusual interpretations of historical figures that can be found in modern video games. While some developers try to achieve credibility in their scripts, others show real people in completely atypical images. If you know any other games where historical figures appeared, and you remember them, be sure to write about it in the comments.

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