Genshin Impact: 5 things you should do every day as a beginner

Genshin Impact: 5 things you should do every day as a beginner

There's a lot to do in the RPG Genshin Impact and newbies in particular may feel overwhelmed. We name 5 tasks that you should do every day.

Even if Genshin Impact is at heart an RPG for solo players with a small co-op component, there are some parallels to MMORPGs. For example, it is worth doing some tasks in Genshin Impact every day, which can be reminiscent of the daily grind from MMOs. But in Genshin Impact this has long-term benefits.

So we've listed 5 things that newbies (but also veterans) should do every day if time allows. The tasks will help you in the long term in the game and accelerate your progress, so that you will advance faster later.

Do the daily missions of the Adventure Guild

Basically the name "daily assignments" says it all, but it should be mentioned here. Every day you will receive a random set of 4 missions, either in Lunar City or in Liyue. The jobs usually only require a few minutes of your attention, but are extremely worthwhile.

Each assignment grants 250 adventure experience, 10 veterans and a few mora.

If you complete all 4 daily missions, you can then return to the Adventure Guild and collect an additional reward of 20 veterans and 500 Adventure XP.

Daily Quests are the fastest way to earn Adventure XP. This is especially important in the later course of the game, when quests are few and far between and you can basically only make noticeable progress through daily missions.

Spend your original resin

We have often reported about the original resin. But no matter what you think of this mechanic, it is in play and should be used. Original resin generated automatically over time, even if you are not logged into the game. You can have a maximum of 160 resin, further resin then simply "expires" - you should not allow that.

You can spend resin by doing different activities and then claiming the reward. The reward can only be collected for resin. The resource basically limits how often you can get loot from certain sources. You can use resin for the following things:

  • Ley emissions: These are the "clouds" on the map. The yellow clouds grant Mora, the blue XP items for your characters. Each Ley output costs 20 Original Resin.

  • World Bosses: The various Hypostases, Plants and the Oceanid each cost 40 Original Resin. Since they leave good equipment and upgrade materials for your characters, you should fight them regularly and claim their treasure.

  • Spheres: You can see these mini dungeons all over the map. You reward with equipment or upgrade items for weapons or talents and each run costs 20 original resin.

  • The big bosses: So far there are 3 really big bosses in Genshin Impact. These are Storm Horrors, Tartaglia and the Wolf Challenge. You can only defeat these bosses once a week and their treasure costs 60 Original Harz. The loot is worth this amount of resin, however, and you should fight it every week.

Note, however, that many of these activities - especially the bosses - have to be unlocked first. This happens automatically as the story progresses. As soon as you have fought the bosses for the first time in the story, you can then challenge them weekly on increasing difficulty levels.

You can also spend resin on forging special crystals, but this is not advisable.

Complete the daily Battle Pass tasks

In addition to the daily missions, there are also daily orders in the Battle Pass. This is only unlocked at adventure rank 20, but you shouldn't ignore it.

Even if you are only a Free2Play player, there is a free reward path in the Battle Pass. When you reach a new level, you unlock useful rewards, such as mora, experience points for your characters or even fate, which you can invest in making wishes.

The daily missions are always the same:

  • Log into the game.
  • Mine 10 ores.
  • Complete 4 daily tasks.
  • Spend 150 Primitive Resin.
You should be able to complete the first three tasks every day without any problems, since you complete daily missions anyway and 10 ores can be collected "in passing".

Just don't forget to collect the experience points for the Battle Pass so that they can be added to your progress.

Send characters on expeditions

If you're with the Adventure Guild, you should also send characters on expeditions right away. At the beginning you can only send out 2 characters, but gradually this limit increases to 5 characters.

Characters on an expedition cannot be used in combat, but collect valuable materials for it. An expedition lasts up to 20 hours and the longer it lasts, the better the materials found. Above all, it is about resources for the blacksmith (ores) or materials for cooking. You can also send characters to Mora, but the yield there is pretty low - it's rarely worth it.

By the way, the expeditions continue even while you are not logged into the game. So it's worth sending out a few characters before logging out so that they'll wait for you with their rewards the next day.

By the way, this is especially useful if you have the characters search for ores. Ores found by your characters on expeditions count towards the daily "Battle Pass" mission. If you just log in and send your characters on missions, you complete 2 of 4 daily Battle Pass missions within a few seconds.

Gather local materials

There is an almost infinite amount to collect in Genshin Impact. Something flashes and flashes everywhere. After a short time you feel overloaded and begin to let more and more lie on the left and right of the path.

But you shouldn't. Many items that you don't need at the beginning are really important later to upgrade characters. You should collect items like dandelion seeds or philanemo mushrooms every now and then when you see them.

The additional steps are worthwhile, because otherwise you will be slowed down later. At the higher levels, Charkatere often need 60 units of a plant or a special ore. However, since these special plants and ores often have a respawn time of several days, farming can then become frustrating.

So it is worthwhile to make a detour from time to time to collect materials and have a bulging inventory in advance. Your characters will thank you the next time they are upgraded.

You can always find many local materials in the same places. Philanemo mushrooms grow mainly on houses in Mondstadt, while silk flowers can only be found in the villages of Liyue, or wolf hooks only near Wolfenlauf. It's worth checking out these areas every few days.

By the way, you also fulfill one of the weekly tasks of the Battle Pass - namely to collect 100 specialties from Liyue or Mondstadt. So it's worth it twice.

If you follow these 5 tips, you shouldn't have any problems in Genshin Impact for the foreseeable future and you should be able to easily reach the high adventure ranks of 45 or more without there being a particular blockage when leveling the characters.

Do you have any more tips and tricks for beginners in Genshin Impact? Write us in the comment.

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