Genshin Impact - Fading Stars Event Guide

Genshin Impact finally introduced its first major update earlier last week with the release of version 1.1. Players were able to immediately get to know new playable characters such as Tartaglia and Dione, while miHoYo promised further additions such as a special event and new characters in the very near future.

Beginning November 16, Genshin Impact officially hosts the Mismatched Stars event. This event will run until early December and will allow players to earn valuable rewards such as the coveted Crown of Wisdom and the four-star Electro Vision winner Fishl.

Fading Stars is an in-game event that focuses on the mysterious case of sleep-inducing meteorites. Locals in Teiwat seem to fall into a deep sleep upon contact with these foreign objects, and as the crisis progresses, travelers are tasked with helping collect samples and awakening locals. The event allows players to collect the power of the dying star and the essence of the dying star, which, in turn, can be exchanged for unique rewards in the event store.

Players interested in ultimately making the most of the talents of any Genshin Impact character should pay close attention to this store, as it offers the first available Sage Crown in the game. These valuable items are required to reach the final level of every talent in the game, and can only be obtained during such events.

In addition to the Crown of the Sage, players can exchange their essence and power for various materials for ascension and enhancement, as well as contribute to the Princess Pact Challenges, which upon completion provide players with a free copy of the Fischl four-star powerhouse. The discordant stars will evolve in three phases, with the first, Unknown Star, starting on November 16. These three phases are as follows:

1. Unknown Star - November 16;

2. Star of Deceitful Dreams - November 18;

3. Star of Destiny - November 23.

Genshin Impact - Fading Stars Event Guide

Each of the three phases will introduce three new World Quests as part of Meteor Wave, each of which, upon completion, will reward the power and essence of the Vanishing Star, Primohema, and Pestilence. In addition to this, each stage requires a quick quest from the Adventurer's Guild before being unlocked.

To take part in Stars Mismatched, players simply need to reach Adventure Rank 20 and talk to Catherine of the Adventurers Guild of Mondstadt. Complete the "Unknown Stars" quest and the "Unknown Stars - Overture" event page will become available, allowing players to navigate to the meteorite shards that they quickly recognize are the focus of the Uncoordinated Stars.

Travelers should keep an eye out for these meteorites and complete the Uncoordinated Stars quests in a timely manner, as several stages of the event will unfold quickly and overwhelm players who may not have participated in the previous days. Phase 1 includes two consecutive days of new regional quests, so players have a lot to contend with from the start.

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