Genshin Impact - Launch Button Inactive - How to Fix

If your launch button is grayed out in Genshin Impact, this guide will help you get your game back to normal.

If you are suffering from an error caused by the Genshin Impact launch button being greyed out, you have nothing to worry about. This is a bug that, like many other issues that currently affect Genshin Impact, is particularly easy to fix. You don't have to worry about whether your game is broken or waste time worrying about the Genshin Impact server status.

Instead, all you have to do is consult our handy guide on how to fix the genshin Impact launch button greyed out error, which should only take you about five minutes.

Launch button is disabled in Genshin Impact

The genshin Impact launch button greyed out error is largely caused by the same issues causing the infamous "could not check for updates" issue. As a result, the method of fixing it remains largely the same.

Genshin Impact - Launch Button Inactive - How to Fix

Here's a handy checklist of things to try to get your game back on track. It is especially important that you try these methods in order to a) save the most time, and B) make sure you can diagnose the problem effectively and efficiently, allowing you to quickly fix future problems.

How to fix Genshin Impact launch button greyed out error

  • The first thing you'll want to do (if you're on a PC, if you're on a PS4 or mobile, skip to the next step) is to close your game and try restarting it via the local file path. This means that you ignore the desktop shortcut and instead access the game through the "Genshin Impact" folder in your file manager. Once you're here, look for the file with the ".exe." Suffix, which is the official launcher for the game. Opening it from this location as opposed to your desktop can often iron out any minor issues under the hood.
  • If that doesn't work, you probably have to install the latest Genshin Impact update. This is usually done automatically, but there are many reasons your device won't cooperate. All you have to do is manually force the update, which can be done on a PC by staying in the Genshin Impact folder and looking at the file called "UpdateProgram." On PS4 and mobile, this is even easier as there will be an option to check for updates by clicking on the game on your dashboard or home page.
  • If you tried to launch Genshin Impact from its correct file path and made sure you have all the latest updates installed, you may need to uninstall and reinstall the game. This is a pain because it will take a while (if you don't have an ethernet cable), but you won't lose any progress. Since the game is server-based, your data is stored on whatever server you played on and can be transferred to a reinstalled game simply by entering the same email address.

As with all the other issues over the past couple of weeks, it's worth noting that the Genshin Impact patch 1.1 is updated on November 11, and then these minor issues will most likely be officially ironed out once and for all.

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