Genshin Impact - Where to Find Strange Hilichurls

Genshin Impact has finally received its first major update. Along with it, new achievements and new enemies have been added, and players can earn rewards for completing some of the new content in Update 1.1 for Genshin. One such achievement is ... Well, it was a strange achievement, involving a strange new creature called Unusual Hilichurl.

Since the release of Update 1.1, Genshin Impact players have been seeing some very strange Hilichurls around. They appear mostly at night and seem to have a game timer tied to a location. Defeating them will not only complete the achievement, but will also bring the player free primohems (or just cabbage).

These Hilichurls carry suitcases and are not aggressive. They will not attack unless the player hits them first and their name is not displayed in the Elemental Vision. After being attacked, these strange creatures are labeled "Strange Hilichurl" with the subtitle "Mansion Menace". Oddly enough, they throw primohems with weapons at the players. While it doesn't seem like players can catch the Primohems and put them in their inventory, it looks like killing a few of these strange goblins will earn the achievement and possibly some premium currency players need to participate in the new Childe. / Banner of Tartaglia.

Genshin Impact - Where to Find Strange Hilichurls

Getting an achievement

Killing one of these unusual Hilichurls in Genshin Impact will reward the players with a completed achievement ... Well, that was weird, giving them 5 Primohems for their efforts. Continuing to kill goblins boosts this achievement, giving players 10 more cans and then 20 cans, but how many unusual Hilichurls players have to kill to get them is unknown.

While five primohems are nothing compared to the 600 free primohems that miHoYo handed out yesterday to all adventure rank 5 or higher players, each helps a little when you're trying to wish for a favorite 5-star character or weapon.

Where to find strange Hilichurls

Although the full extent of the invasion of the unusual Hilichurls is not yet known, they appear to have established locations at a specific time. It turns out that some places have more than one time set. There are several locations where players can find them, but the time of day they appear depends on the location. Here are the places in which they appear most often, and the time of their appearance, if known. All of this information is subject to change as players begin to gather information about when and where these guys show up.

Where to find strange Hilichurls

Location 1 - Kuijue Slope - 17:30.

Location 2 - Qingyun Peak - to the left of the waypoint, on a stone platform. Fortunately, fast travel has been improved in the 1.1 Genshin Impact update to make it even easier - Time Unknown

Location 3 - Tianqiu Valley - 11:30.

Genshin Impact - Where to Find Strange Hilichurls

Area 4 - Rising Wind - Statue of Seven - Time unknown

Location 5 - Cape of Oaths - Near Waypoint - Time unknown

Area 6 - Stormterror Lair - Waypoint - 1:00 PM or close

Location 7 - Lingju Pass - Waypoint - Time unknown

Genshin Impact - Where to Find Strange Hilichurls map

Location 8 - Liyue Harbor - Northeast Waypoint - 15:00

Location 9 - House of Wolves Arena - Close to the entrance - Time unknown

Location 10 - Hypostasis of Anemones - Left Temple - Time unknown

Area 11 - Southwest of Stormterror's Lair - Stone Platform with Eye of the Storm - Time unknown

Genshin Impact - Where to Find Strange Hilichurls map screenshot

Location 12 - Mingyun Village - South of the village - 15:00 or 11:30

Finding these unusual Hilichurls can be very time consuming and difficult. Players might just want to go about their business in Genshin Impact, completing rewards and quests, and just keep an eye on these strange creatures wandering around the map.

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