Godfall, farm guide: where to quickly gain XP, legendary equipment or Solar Steel?

Godfall, farm guide: where to quickly gain XP, legendary equipment or Solar Steel?

The developers of Godfall have called their game a "Slasher-Looter". We've already talked a lot about the "Slasher" part in our Skills or Gear guides . There remains one essential aspect: the loot. To strengthen yourself, you have to earn XP and spend various resources more or less complicated to obtain. Here is our complete guide to farming in Godfall!


Impossible to write a guide dedicated to farming without talking about the Tower of Trials. This is where the best weapons in the game are found , undeniably. The Tower of Trials is located in the Water Kingdom, roughly one third of the main "storyline" . There are two versions of the Tower of Trials: one level 15 and one level 50, reserved for post-game. 

The Tower of Trials is an endless rogue-like challenge . The Tower looks like a vast elevator swarming with enemies. A stopwatch starts on each floor of the elevator and your job is to defeat all your opponents before your allotted time is up. Going up a floor allows you to collect increasingly interesting rewards (sometimes they will be on the corpse of a boss, sometimes in chests). Quickly, you will have access to pieces of equipment of epic rarity or even legendary. The perfect place for optimization fans, no matter your level!


At the end of each of your missions, the game does not send you directly to the hub facing the Oracle and you are forced to return there manually. There's a good reason for this: if you go beyond your basic goals and dig through every map, there will always be plenty of great stuff to collect. Activate your Vision of the Spirit (left arrow on PS5), raise your head, walk along the walls and find hidden corners: your curiosity is always rewarded. In passing, you will defeat a few groups of monsters that will allow you to gain enough XP to be ahead of the levels recommended by the game, especially in the Earth Kingdom.

It is thanks to the activation of the Vision of the Spirit at the end of the mission that you will find the position of the ores and the hearts of Valorplates, essential for the unlocking of new armor . And it is also thanks to the Vision of the Spirit that you will get your hands on precious pieces of Solar Steel! Solar Steel is the most useful resource in the game since you will need it to upgrade and enchant your gear / Enchantment is one of the best ways to get Legendary gear to suit your gameplay, let's remember. When you have activated the Vision of the Spirit, lift your head and look for white or green lights. I promise, you won't be disappointed!

Note that in addition to the main missions, there are always a few optional objectives to complete. By completing them, you will amass valuable bonuses for your optimization, regardless of your level. The big purple chests are yours !


Whether it's the bosses in the storyline or the bosses present in the hunting missions, know that you will get wonderful rewards every time you kill one. The most formidable bosses even guarantee obtaining legendary pieces of equipment so don't hesitate to fight them over and over!

We recommend the Water Kingdom hunt against Thraex , a mini-boss that you can run into just seconds after starting the mission. Ignore all the monsters on the map and go for it! Once his armor jumps, give all you got and finish him off in one fell swoop.

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