Godfall: how to choose the right skills?

Godfall: how to choose the right skills?

We've already briefly touched on skills in our Goldfall Beginner's Guide , but there's still a lot to say about them. Learning the right skills can completely change your gamplay, the difficulty of the game, and how much fun you will find in the twisted world of Godfall .


In Godfall, the Skills do not come in the form of a classic tree but of a table whose 4 angles can be "roots". These 4 angles are basic abilities to have in priority. We advise you to start by acquiring the dodge at the bottom right (the game calls it "Finesse", who knows why) before going to the top of the board. Shield techniques (bottom left) are not very useful early in the game.

Don't upgrade your Skills to higher levels right away, spend (approximately) your first 10 points on acquiring new abilities. The most urgent thing is to get a complete Orin as soon as possible . Nothing is more frustrating than feeling limited in your actions. This frustration can even be heightened by pieces of gear that buff a skill you haven't unlocked yet! Personally, we first took the dodge, then the techniques, before going on the fury, the weak points, the synchronization of weapons, the heartbreaking strike ...


The first levels should be used as a test. Always keep in mind that it is possible to reset your Skill points at any time during the game without any consideration. Use the Earth World as your playground, collect your first rare pieces of gear, and try out all that Godfall has to offer. From level 11 or 12 you will start to find your way. And there, you will have to distribute your points more strategically.

In the meantime, if you want to optimize yourself from the first levels (in case a boss would be difficult to pass for example), we advise you to bet again on Finesse . Whatever your build , dodge is your best asset against bosses and having it at level 5 greatly improves your farming speed (since it allows you to hit enemies that have all their life 50% harder, you will kill pretty much everyone in a single combo). Note that this Skill at level 5 combines very well with Breakthrough level 1!

Then, everything will depend on what we called your "Specialization" . If you play on PC and like mouse precision, go for Weak Points. If you are good at perfect shield parries, go on Demolition. In short: improve your strengths and ignore your weaknesses . Personalization is one of Godfall's great strengths so make the most of it!


Some skills are suitable for players who like demanding combos, others are suitable for nags who like to spam a touch. Some favor defensive and ranged gameplay, others a melee gameplay ... it's up to you. Everything doesn't synergize with everything, so be careful! For example, there is no point in investing a single Skill point in Fury if you are playing a heavy weapon (since Fury only lasts 10 seconds, it is much more beneficial to multiply quick hits with the double sword than to use three hammer blows), rather prefer the sense of timing required by weapon synchronization! You got it: don't do anything and always keep in mind the word "combo". Read the entire "tree" and set yourself short and medium term unlocking goals . Skills should be upgraded based on your playstyle, weapon, and gear.

Gear should have a big influence on your Skill choices . During our game, for example, we quickly got our hands on a Legendary Lance (our favorite weapon) which increases critical hit stats. Shortly after, we also found a rare ring with this same function.

We advise you to "reorient yourself" every 15 levels . This level is purely arbitrary but we estimate that after 15 levels of farming, you will be able to obtain a complete new equipment and more powerful than ever. But all this we will talk about in more detail in our guide dedicated to weapons!

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