Godfall: weapons and equipment, everything you need to know: legendries, forge... Our guide

Godfall: weapons and equipment, everything you need to know: legendries, forge... Our guide

The developers of Godfall have called their game a "Slasher-Looter". In other words, it means that the heart of the gameplay of Godfall is in a succession of small 1v1 fights against more or less tough monsters. These monsters provide equipment and this equipment allows you to face better monsters. Choosing the right "stuff" is therefore essential because it is on this that your entire gaming experience depends. Here are all our tips and everything there is to know on the subject!


Each piece of equipment has several stats that are oddly not explained in detail. Let's review them all, just to see things more clearly.

First, there is the level at which you can wear an item . Logically enough, weapons reserved for higher levels are often of better quality than weapons at the start of the game.

Then there are the primary statistics . There you will find the basic power and capacity of your items. Be careful because a piece of equipment found in duplicate does not necessarily have the same stats, even primary!

Finally, there are secondary statistics . These depend on the rarity level of your equipment. We will come back to this in a moment by telling you about an essential feature : the Forge.


Very quickly, you'll unlock a new item to interact with in the hub. At the back of the room, facing the Oracle, stands the Forge. This forge allows 2 things:

  • Improve the stats of your items by making them level up;
  • Improve the rarity of your items by enchanting them.
This is where the second term of the expression "Slasher-Looter" takes on its full meaning. You will have to use the various resources gathered through the warrior world of Godfall to turn any weapon into a killing machine. Raising the weapon level allows you to gain primary stats. Upgrading a weapon to level 3 and 5 (the maximum level) allows you to improve a secondary stat as a bonus. We recommend that you take a look at the resources needed to upgrade your favorite pieces of equipment before embarking on a quest in order to precisely target the resources you are going to farm.

The same piece of equipment can have 5 fairly classic rarity levels :
  • Common (gray)
  • Uncommon (green)
  • Rare (blue)
  • Epic (purple)
  • Legendary (golden).

Each rarity level grants a new secondary stat. By enchanting a weapon in the Forge, this new stat will be purely random : you can even have a duplicate! But that's not all, going from one rarity level to another also gives a primary stat buff equivalent to two levels of improvement , it's huge.

Be careful, do not improve everything and everything constantly . You have to choose your equipment carefully. You do not know where to start ? We will help you !


Everything is in the specialization . It is imperative that you choose pieces of equipment geared towards the same stats. Better to be excellent in one or two areas than mediocre everywhere. Whether for your skills or your weapons: you have to look for combos . If you're not using your rarer or more powerful gear, that's okay as long as they synergize together. To help you choose which stats to push fully, you can use a "guide object" , like your weapon for example, which will give life to the rest of your set!

For example, at level 14 our Orin was focused on critical hits and potency (image above). We chose these stats based on the bonuses offered by our Legendary Spear. By keeping that consistency and upgrading our gear at the Forge, we've grown to over 700 Power, 35% critical hit chance, and 200% critical damage at level 20.

We recommend that you wait until you have solid base equipment with good synergy and good rarities before making your upgrades. The Forge is expensive, don't waste your precious farm on an item that you will keep for less than 10 levels! Also remember to recycle your worst items to earn some interesting resources to improve the rest.


Before concluding, we would still like to talk about the specific case of weapons. This is a mechanic that experienced players are familiar with: some weapons do high damage but are very slow and others do small damage but are very fast . Here are the 5 types of weapons available in Godfall:

  • Classic swords 
  • Long swords 
  • The double swords 
  • The spears 
  • The war hammers.

You start the game with a classic, balanced and efficient sword. In the same vein, we recommend the spears, which are slightly slower but capable of hitting more enemies at the same time and reaching relatively distant opponents. Double Swords are the fastest weapons in the game, but also the least painful. Hammers and long swords have good range and do a lot of damage but are painful to wield.

We advise you to test all types of weapons to find the one that suits you best. Not only will you have more fun playing, but you will also be considerably stronger if you are comfortable with your killing companion!

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