Grand Theft Auto 5 Single Player Load Time on Xbox Series X Has Been Dramatically Reduced

Grand Theft Auto 5 Single Player Load Time on Xbox Series X

Some of the specific load times for Xbox Series X games are exciting examples of next generation technology. Since Grand Theft Auto 5 has already been confirmed to launch the next generation in 2021, GameRiot wanted to showcase the game's load times that have been significantly reduced.

GameRiot, equipped with an on-screen timer, kicked off the testing phase, noting that Grand Theft Auto 5 initially loaded on Xbox One in about "1 minute 43 seconds." It may not seem like a lot of time, but for the players it was an eternity. GameRiot showcased the load times of Story Mode and GTA Online to showcase the differences. It was quickly mentioned that Story Mode load times were "much faster" as shown in the video below.

With the transition to Series X, the single-player load time has been significantly reduced, with the transition from the main menu to the gameplay taking about 37 seconds. Although this time slot also included the game's splash screens, the actual campaign was loaded in about 5 seconds. This is an incredible improvement over download times on Xbox One. Although an updated version of Grand Theft Auto 5 won't arrive until next year, players will still be able to enjoy playing San Andreas thanks to backward compatibility.

Unfortunately, Grand Theft Auto Online cannot be praised for either. It took just over 2 minutes to switch from the console home screen to an online game. If you remove the game splash screen from this time slot, the transition from the home screen to the gameplay will still be close to the original Xbox One load time. While impressive efforts have been made in other areas of the GTA, its online download seems to have been overlooked, which is disappointing for online players.

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