Today in this guide we are going to talk about ATLAS,one of the best tank in the game Mobile legend bang bang, So without any further a do lets get into it.


Passive skill . After the skills, Atlas forms a ring of cold around him, which gives him 120 universal protection for 5 seconds, which allows him to tank well. In addition, opponents staying in this ring for longer than 1.5 seconds suffer a 50% run and attack speed penalty.

First skill . Atlas hits the ground, causing 3 waves of explosion. If he is outside the body, then both the body and the hero himself hit the ground. If you hit in several waves, then the damage increases. We use the skill for damage, it's pretty good for activating passive.

Second skill . Atlas leaves the body, his passive is activated, he gets more speed and plus a reduction in incoming damage. At the moment of exiting the body, the hero passes through obstacles, which allows him to make an interesting initiation with an ultimate, which I will tell about in tactics. When the body catches up with the owner, a small explosion occurs that stuns surrounding enemies.

Ultimate . Atlas releases chains at enemies, dealing damage and slowing them down (with preparation, the strike distance grows). After preparation, Atlas pulls those on the chain, jumps and hits the ground. You can jump off the chains or squeeze Purification, but as an initiation it is a great skill. In addition, if you press the ultimate outside the mechanical body, it will instantly be summoned and the ultimate will be activated.

Bonus ability and emblems

Out of habit we take emblems on Tank with the first perk.

For initiation is like Flash and Sprint... But the longer Atlas is without a body, the faster it catches up with it. So the time is limited, but the damage reduction allows you to tank the tower. Personally, I don't really feel how much I can tank, so I prefer Healing...


The hardest part on a tank is assembly. Because it adapts to the tank itself, the heroes of the enemy and its own allies.

What do some bloggers offer? Collect HP and CD, practicing skills in order to be under the passive as often as possible, which gives protection. Analyzing my experience, to be honest, if you are a solo random player and do not play full party, you definitely should not get ready. In a full team, this can still be implemented, but if you are the only tank on the team, the enemy will prefer to infuse control into you and throw damage, rather than allow you to tank with skills. From this and dance.

I will give two conditional bases, making them different.

First build:

  • Mask of Courage... This is protection for you, and an increase in attack for friends, plus 10% recharge speed of skills.
  • We choose shoes from the purpose of our existence. Speedboots facilitate initiation. Sturdy Boots Is magic protection and control reduction. Warrior's Boots protect against physical damage.
  • Ancient Breastplate will weaken the damage of the enemy.
  • Shield of Athena will give extra HP and protection.
  • Immortality... In fact, Atlas has two escapes - this is the second skill and the ultimate, but this item will help in a critical situation.
  • Apocalypse Queen's Wings will reduce incoming damage when there is little health left, and will give skills recharge.

Second build:

  • Warrior's Boots...
  • Protective helmet... I personally prefer to start tanking with full health.
  • Storm Belt... Skill recharge and physical defense increase.
  • You know the rest, except for the last one. If the enemy is already being extinguished and you need to crush him, then it makes sense to takeFleeting Time, so you will have 37% to the recharge speed of skills, taking into account the emblems. In addition, a fast recharge of the ultimate.
Remember, every battle for a tank is a selection of the right assembly. Here are just options that are playable and different from each other.


It is more convenient to play at the Foreign Ministry. There are 4 thin walls and a bunch of bushes.

The fastest initiation is with the Flash. Classic bundle: second skill / Flash / ultimate / first skill after landing.

Combinations of the Atlas are reduced to using the ultimate and catching opponents with the second skill. The strong slow emitted by the passive causes them to spend escapees. So keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

The second skill needs to be pumped in as quickly as possible. It's great for initiation. You overtake opponents, and even if the body has not caught up with you yet, you use the ultimate and catch the enemy. You can even pass them through the walls, grab the enemy and jump over the wall without leaving the last escape route.

In addition, the second skill can run away from the enemy and catch control from those who are not aiming. However, keep in mind that the damage to the body also goes away, so do not delay retreating.

A bunch for the case when you need to inflict as much damage as possible: the second skill / first skill, so that the targets would catch as many damaging waves as possible.

Remember to use the passive as an increase in defense. This will save your skin and the lives of your comrades more than once.

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