As an assassin, Benedetta is highly mobile due to her unique skills. Her passive skill, which mechanics includes dash and decent damage, allows her to quickly engage in combat with enemies. And with the help of the damage in the area and the slow effect from the ultimate, she can hold back her enemies and finish them off.


Passive skill. Using her auto-attack, Benedetta begins to accumulate a special meter, after filling which she dashes in the indicated direction, inflicting increased damage to all enemies on the way. Using active skills, the scale is also filled. The direction of the dash can be set using the left stick, which is responsible for running. It sounds convenient, but at first it will be uncomfortable, because to activate, we hold down the auto attack, which is on the right.

First skill. Benedetta deals damage in front of her in a fan-shaped area. The damage is done in two approaches: first, your shadow attacks, but at this moment you take a step back, after which you dash and also inflict damage.

Second skill. Benedetta enters defensive position for 0.8 seconds, in which she is immune to damage and control. After that, she dashes, deals damage and stuns the enemy for 1.5 seconds, if she has previously countered control.

Ultimate. After a short preparation, Benedetta leaps forward in an instant, leaving behind a field of blazing blades. The dash itself slows down the enemy, as does the damage dealt in the area of ​​the ultimate. The skill is ideal for initiation, slowing down makes it easier to aim at the enemy you want. Deals a lot of minor damage and fully charges the passive.

Bonus ability and emblems

We take emblems The killerst hrough damage and the most optimal third perk, which is very helpful in making several kills in a row. Or you can take emblems Fighter with vampirism.

Additional ability - Retribution followed by a game through the forest. Firstly, it is inconvenient to stand and farm on the lane, and secondly, you do not realize yourself as a killer for your team.


We will start from the forest option:

Predator Machete... Jungle Start is the way to fast farming and level 4 if you don't mind. This means that you will be able to gank earlier and make the first kills.

Magic Boots... CD is very useful for Benedetta, but then you can sell them and then move using passive.

Ax of Bloodlust and Blade of Despair... The basis for attack and survival in combat. The ax will give recharge speed and skill damage healing. Skills do not crit, but the damage base for them is a bonus to the physical attack that the blade will give.

Then there are 2 survival items that can be adjusted to suit opponents. Universal isApocalypse Queen's Wings and Golden Meteor...

This assembly without Endless Battle, because for a correctly made combination, you will take a thin opponent, and the BB will force him to realize himself through the animation of strikes. This will slow down your pace. But if you want, you can replace something from the protective one without any problems with the Endless Battle.


The main combination for the attack: Strike with a passive on the enemy. Immediately there is an ultimate in the direction where he is likely to retreat. Then the second skill, like defense and change of position. After that, you need to hit with the first skill, and you still have a charged passive, either to finish off, or to retreat.

Combinations change depending on the conditions of the battle. In addition, you can leave the second skill in order to fend off some tough enemy control.

If the enemy has a jump escape, then don't start with an ultimate. Better leave the cast after the enemy jump.

How do I start a fight? Pump the first skill, go to the middle lane, pick up the wave, only after that you buy the Hunter's Knife, pick up the river flower and go to pick up the forest buffs. After taking them and the bear, you will have level 4, having received which, you should already feel the map and look for a side where you can commit a murder. The killer, sitting in the forest for a long time, is an anchor for the team.

In the future, the blue buff can be left for the magician, it is not so extremely important for Benedetta.

When picking up the forest and creeps, do not use the passive, you hit harder from your hand. To move, on the contrary, use it constantly, it does not spend mana.

The first skill greatly speeds up farming, especially when you hit both Benedetta and her shadow. The second skill can parry any control. Ideally, if you hit the enemy at the same time - this is to stun the enemy. Also, the second skill will be able to protect you from a tower shot. Ultimate can be used to steal a Lord or a Turtle.

It is highly discouraged to go to the rank before you fully get used to it and can use the passive at 100%. Practice first in a routine or with bots. 

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