Today in this guide we will write about Brody from Mobile legend bang bang to enhance your gameplay. So without any further a do lets get into it.


Brody is a shooter with incredible damage and interesting character mechanics, somewhat similar toWanwan... Only that one jumps after each attack, and he just walks during the charge of the attack.


Passive skill. Brody's most important weapon. With the help of it, the hero deals tons of damage. For each attack Brody receives a bonus in the form of 250% of the total physical attack. Also, with each attack, one mark is hung, which increases damage and movement speed. Each mark on the enemy increases damage by 10%, and movement speed by 5%. You can hang 4 tags on one target.

First skill. Brody throws forward a wave that deals damage with an attack bonus of 150%, and hangs a mark on the enemy. The second target that the skill hits will receive 2 marks, the third - 3 marks, and so on. Also, each subsequent enemy, substituted under the wave, receives 20% more damage.

Second skill. Brody dashes towards the target, stuns it and makes another dash in the indicated direction. This skill hangs another passive mark. With this skill, you can jump over obstacles. Also, the skill gives an increased movement speed for a short time.

Ultimate. Deals damage in a circle. The more marks on the target, the higher the damage to it. The skill does not criticize, but inflicts significant damage on everyone around, even creeps and forest monsters.

Bonus ability and emblems

We recommend playing through emblems "Arrow" by increasing the crits and taking the second perk. It is more comfortable due to acceleration after damage.

There are 3 additional abilities suitable for Brody - Flash, Cleansing or Retribution... You need to choose them according to the situation. If opponents have a lot of nasty control, then we take Purification. Just leave or dodge some skills - take the Flash. And at worst Retribution if the previous two options do not fit.


Standard rated build through the forest:

  • Predator Machete... For farming in the forest.
  • Magic Boots or Warrior's Boots... The former are preferable, they will at least increase the recharge rate of skills. And the Warrior's Boots work to their fullest when the hero receives several hits. Brody is too thin for that.
  • Berserker Rage... Big crits are always needed.
  • Endless fight... Will give heal, mana and damage from a bunch of second skill / strike / ultimate / strike.
  • Breastplate of Brute Force... Brody needs time to fire, and this armor will provide the minimum survivability. In addition, it provides a bonus to movement speed and defense.
  • Blade of Despair... Classic item for damage.

Building through crits:

Since Brody's rate of fire is cut to 30%, all items that deal damage using attack speed have been removed:

  • Speedboots... In solo play, they will be more convenient for moving around the map. But you can also takeMagic Boots...
  • Berserker Rage and Blade of Despair... They will be brought to the top in terms of damage.
  • Haas Claws or Endless fight...
  • Berserker Rage... Yes, one more because you need more crits, andThe Crimson Ghost does not fit.
  • A game-specific situational item. You can takeBlade of the Seven Seas, Breastplate of Brute Force, Golden Meteor or Apocalypse Queen's Wings...

This build deals colossal damage, but in this situation Brody becomes very thin, and dies during any control.


If you are playing through the forest, it is important for you to pick up the red buff. Brody takes his damage easily. Take the blue buff according to the situation, but it is better to give it to a magician or assassin.

Try your first skill to hit a thin enemy through creeps and, if he has less than half HP, boldly beat the ultimate. Most likely, the enemy will not survive the attack.

It is better to start a combination while being invisible to opponents. You shoot at the enemy from your hand, or with the first skill through creeps. Then you jump with the second skill and add damage from your hand (a shot or two). And when there are 4 markers on it, we apply the ultimate.

Pay attention to the bushes when using the ultimate. You will be able to see how arrows fly there if there is an enemy in them.

Due to the lengthy shot animations and skills, Brody desperately needs a cover character with control. For example, a support is ideal Raphael speeding up Brody at an important moment and throwing a stun on occasion. Of course, many tanks and fighters will do too. The main thing is to get used to the delay before the shot and not to get caught in constant fire from other shooters.

Do not initiate the battle with the second skill, as you can be controlled at the most inconvenient moment. Leave him better for finishing or retreating. Also with its help, you can stun the killer who has flown into you.

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