Diluc is the owner of a distillery in Mondstadt, an imposing man who understands fire and alcohol. He is one of the worst heroes in Genshin Impact. In the tier list, he is in rank S, that is, the coolest hero. Minimal skill cooldowns and a sea of ​​fire. And everything is fast, you can dodge between blows and then punish everyone with flame. The worst thing that can happen to this hero is a fire shield on the enemy.


All his skills are active, so he can only be a basic DD.

Elemental Skill - Fire Charge. Diluc inflicts 3 fire blows on enemies. You can give them in a row, or you can give them pauses, inserting normal attacks or dashes between them. The skill cooldown is very small, which is cool too.

Elemental Blast - Dawn. Diluc creates a huge phoenix that takes players straight to hell. Good damage, but most importantly, very low cooldown and fast charging. That is, while doing the first skill three times, the phoenix will most likely be charged. While you make a phoenix, the first skill rolled back. The most convenient combinations of skills.

Talents (constellation)

Talents are useful to all, but the 4th is especially interesting - the Scorching Comet . If you hit with an elemental skill with an interval of less than 2 seconds, then the damage will increase significantly. In this situation, we still manage to insert normal attacks between using the skill.


Diluc owns a two-handed weapon. You can use one of two options:

  • The first sword to craft 4 ★ Prototype: Gu Hua . The second characteristic is the attack power, when hitting every 15 seconds, it deals additional damage. A comfortable and relatively affordable sword.
  • The second option is even more accessible - this is 3 ★ Negotiation club . We use a skill, then we hit with an auto attack - the club deals additional damage. Also a common and affordable option.

In comparison, the sword deals additional damage every 15 seconds, and the club will pierce 4 times exactly during this time. And their additional damage will be the same. Is that the craft has a little more damage. In general, if you want the maximum and at a high cost - he makes craft, if the toad crushes, take a club.

Artifacts and sets

One of the top sets for Diluc is considered 5 ★ Burning Scarlet Witch . And he's really cool, especially if you combine Overload well. A set is obtained in the Hidden Palace of Wu Wan, which opens from the 59th level of the squad. But it's better to do this at level 69, which is a lot.

Therefore, it is popular to use set 5 ★ Gladiator's End . It will give an increase to normal attacks. It seems like this is not so useful, but it falls from all sorts of hypostases, fern, wolf and so on. In general, it is easy to farm from level 40.

In general, you can use the 4 ★ Warrior set at first . Skills are used frequently, so the second bonus will always work. But this bonus is less than that of a gladiator.

If this is not the case, then combine anything for attack power and damage or crit.


Diluc is not a lonely psycho, so he still needs a team. The group will be approached by heroes who can somehow passively impose elemental effects for elemental reactions with fire. For example, Fischl summons a crow, which imposes an electro status - we get constant overloads. Barbara calls hydro status - we get a steam reaction. Zhong Yun puts a circle of ice - we get melting. By the way, the bear Xiang Ling cuts off the fire resistance and is also useful for Diluc.

As a team, it is wise to combine two fiery characters for elemental resonance. This will give + 25% damage. But always look at the situation. 

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