Passive skill . Lunox has lost all sense of time and reality. As a result, she does not benefit from Cooldown Reduction effects. As the Darkness becomes more severe, the cooldown effects are converted to magical penetration. As the Shine becomes stronger, the effects of the cooldown are converted into physical and magical protection.

Do you know what I understood from reading about this passive skill? That's right, nothing! I think you also did not understand anything, so I will try to explain everything to you here.

1. Lunox has two forms, for the sake of simplicity I will call them Light and Dark. You can understand in what form you are in the circles that are under your HP bar. When changing forms, Lunox also changes his ultimate skill, but we'll talk about that a little later.

2. Any effects on skill cooldown do not affect Lunox. But how is it, you ask? When you use Lunox's light form, the cooldown is converted into additional magical and physical protection, and when Lunox is in dark form, the cooldown becomes magical penetration in percentage.

3. You are probably wondering how much protection and magical penetration we will get if we collect 10% of skills recharge. So, every 10% gives you 15% of magical penetration and 20 units of physical and magical protection.

To switch between stances, it is not necessary to use skills on the enemy, it is enough just to use them in the air.

I hope everything became clear to you about the passive, and I did not confuse you with my explanations, but now let's talk about skills. The first thing you need to know is that Lunox has only three normal and two ultimate skills.

First skill . Lunox deals area damage to all nearby enemies and heals herself. The recovery effect is doubled when the ability hits enemy heroes. Gain one charge of light power upon use.

Second skill . Lunox deals damage to one target from a medium distance. Slows enemies by 10% on hit. The effect lasts for 1 second, and the damage is dealt in a percentage equal to 2% of the enemy's HP of the target. Gains one charge of darkness upon use.

Third skill . Lunox deals damage in an area, on hit slows enemies by 40%. The effect lasts 2 seconds.

First Ultimate . In light form, you do little damage, but at the same time gain absolute invulnerability. While using this form, you can move around the map, but you cannot go through obstacles. Therefore, ifGrockwill put a wall in front of you, you cannot go through it. And also, in spite of the fact that the skill says that you are invulnerable to damage, the damage from the second perk of the mage who puts on fire on you still passes. And even if you hit your ultimate while you were set on fire, you will still receive damage.

Second Ultimate . When the dark side is activated, Lunox jumps in the chosen direction and deals small damage around, and the CD of the second skill is reduced to 0.5 seconds. The effect of the ultimate lasts 4 seconds, and you can manage to shoot the second skill, about 7 times. At the same time, the attack distance with the second skill increases significantly.

Skill upgrade and combinations

Here I would like to clarify that when pumping the first skill, you immediately pump the second one, since these skills are related to each other and your passive. And now to the point. First, we upgrade the first skill, then the third, and when there is an opportunity, we upgrade the ultimate.

The most important thing for Lunox is to always keep one stack of light passive before the battle. It will be easy to go to the dark side, but if they want to focus on you, you will always have time to hit the light ultimate. And most importantly, our combination begins with the first stack of light passive, where we can use two ultimates at the same time.

This combination requires fast fingers, a little ping, and a little training. As I said, it starts with a light stack of our passive:

  1. We live the second skill;
  2. While the poke is flying, we must have time to squeeze the ultimate twice;
  3. We leave the light ult and slow down opponents with our third skill;
  4. And then we still have time to spam our second skill on enemy heroes.

This is the most important combination for Lunox, and therefore I recommend that you spend some time in training to master it. After all, just like that, by pressing the light ult, you will not adam them in any way, you simply will not have time to approach. But if you press the second skill, and while a dark projectile is flying, quickly press the ult, you will go to the light one and you can immediately use the dark one to jump into a bunch of enemies, and the enemy will no longer be able to run away from you.

Bonus ability and emblems

Most often, Lunox is used Retribution, it will come in handy for clearing the forest, the Lord and the turtle. But if the enemy has a lot of control, and the fact that your buff will go to you, and you are sure of this, then I advise you to take Cleansing... It will save you from unnecessary death. Also, if you play five or three, I can advise you to use Fire shot... We use it for additional damage and a small knockback, which interrupts the castes of skills such as ult Khufra, Lolita or Tigreal...

The choice of emblems is not obvious, but it is also quite important. If you plan to play through Lightning Rod, you should take the second emblem perk Magician... He will give us additional damage in the form of control. But if you do not plan to collect it, then I recommend you the same emblems, but with the first perk. They also have their right to exist, since thanks to them we will be able to quickly farm the slots we need.


Given the versatility of Lunox, her assembly should also be as situational as possible. When choosing a build, first of all, it is worth starting from the enemy's pick, and its strength at specific stages of the game. Everything that will be repeated in your build every time is a starting purchase, namely boots and a forest item. But first things first.

At the start of the game, we buy Hunting Knife, since after a pack of creeps to mid we will immediately go to the forest.

Your next item to buy will be Demon's Shoes... Lunox has big problems with mana, because we often use such a combination as the dark side ult and the second skill, because of this, our mana goes away very quickly, which is why these boots are our priority. The sooner we collect them, the better for us.

Our next subject will be Marauder's Ax... It will increase our physical and magical protection, which will not be superfluous for us.

Then we collect Concentrated Energy... This item will increase our survivability, give us lifesteal and HP recovery when killing an opponent.

Now we need to look at the opponent's peak and only then make our next buy choice. Namely, we buy Lightning Rodif the enemy team has one tank, or Divine Sword if two tanks. The first will give us additional damage from skills, and the second will increase our magical penetration, which is very effective in the fight against fat magicians who have gathered in magical defense.

Our fourth subject will be Sacred CrystalPassing which will give us a nice boost to magic damage.

Then there are situational items. If you see a lot of physical damage hitting you, you buy Winter Wand... If there is a lot of magic damage in the enemy team and magicians kill you, then we buy Oracle...

The last item to buy Apocalypse Queen's Wings or Immortality... Here again, everything depends on the opponent's pick.

Well, we will separately consider such a subject as Necklace of Containment... You only need to take it if the enemy team has too much heal. If there are heroes like hylos, Ruby, Estes and others, then this item will definitely not be superfluous for you. The only thing, you have to sacrifice protection - conditional wings or immortality in order to buy anti-hell.


Correct start: Lunox is good on any lane, but the middle lane is a priority for her. After you farm a pack of creeps, pay attention to your pick. If you have a pick capable of early aggression, and you see that it is stronger than the opponent's pick, for example: you have in addition to lunox in pick Bruno, Grock, hylos or Uranus, you can go into the enemy forest and try to pick up a buff there, and maybe even make a kill.

If your pick is less aggressive at the beginning, just try to grab one of the healoks on the river and go for your buff.

You should not substitute on the line, because Lunox has little health. You can farm creeps with the first skill, and in case of a fight with the enemy on the lane, we can harass him with the second and third skills.

In general, on the enemy line, you can kill with a simple combination: First skill / twice second / ultimate. If the enemy is still alive, then we simply finish it off with something from our numerous arsenal.

After receiving the ultimate, you can go to the gang with the tank. The gank is the line you have already won. That is, your topper harassed the enemy ADK, takes coins from him, in every possible way interferes with farming - you gank to the top. Your ADK keeps the enemy topper under the tower and does not allow you to go out - you gank the bot, but at the same time try to leave the kill to the ADK, if he has coins, so that he will quickly farm on the items he needs.

Remember, Lunox opens up at the beginning of the game and in the middle she reaches her peak in the 9th minute. But in the late, closer to the 15th minute, Lunox starts to fade into the background, and she becomes not the main damage dealer of the team. Now ADK will drag her for her, and she will help him in every possible way.

In teamfights, your priority targets are shooters, mages and assassins.

It is also important - in any case, do not initiate the first fight with the dark ultimate. Lunox is most vulnerable under the influence of the dark spheres. Wait for initiation from your tank or offtank.

Be careful with the spheres. Try to always keep one light sphere in order to be able to quickly switch between forms, and also, in case of an unexpected gank, leave with a light ultimate.

If you're going to beat the turtle or the lord, leave Retributionon them. Opponents will 100% try to take them away from you. The smile itself should be pressed when the turtle or the lord has about 2000 HP, before that, throwing the third and first skills as quickly as possible.

Best allies

Anyone who can save from the focus of enemies is our friend. For instance,Gatotkacha or Diggy... And the best connections for aggression in the mid lane for us will be hylos, Grock, Uranus...

Worst opponents

This includes the more aggressive mid laners such as Lily or Gussen, tanks with a lot of control - Khufra, Atlas, Lolita, and fast heroes who can simply unleash Lunox by running away from her - Esmeralda...

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