Tartaglia is an aquatic archer with a unique stance mechanic that allows him to switch between melee and ranged combat using an elemental skill. Initially, the hero uses his bow in battle, but uses it, to put it mildly, not very much. The only thing that might interest us in this stance is charged attacks that have a water effect and impose low tide status.


Low Tide Status is a mark that is one of Tartaglia's main sources of damage. Every time a character deals water damage to this mark, it is activated and deals damage to all surrounding enemies. But that is not all. If the target dies at the moment when it has an activated mark, then it detonates, causing damage to all enemies and imposing an ebb effect on all.

When using the elemental skill, Tartaglia takes a stance of the spirit - inflicts minor damage to enemies around him and arm himself with two blades. At the same time, all his attacks receive a water status. In this stance, all of the hero's attacks on the low tide marks will trigger them, and he begins to inflict truly colossal damage. But you have to pay for all this. Being in this stance is always impossible, after a while or when the skill is used again, the hero will return to a long-range stance, and the skill will go into a cooldown. Cooldown time depends on the time spent in melee.

Using Elemental Blast, Tartaglia fires a powerful area shot, inflicting water damage and ebb tide on all enemies in the area of ​​effect. If during the use of the ultimate you are in a melee stance, the hero will make a powerful sweeping blow in front of him. In this case, an explosion of all affected ebb markings occurs and tangible damage is inflicted.

The first passive skill prolongs the existence of all marks for 8 seconds.

The second passive skill allows the hero in melee stance to apply low tide marks with critical hits.

The research bonus increases the basic attack skill of all team members by 1 unit.

How to play

What is the basic principle of playing Tartaglia? We will try to stay in the spirit stance for as long as possible, since it is in it that the hero inflicts his maximum damage. Ideally, our fight should look something like this. At the beginning of a bow fight, we impose the maximum number of marks on opponents, then switch to melee and activate an elemental explosion, then update the marks with our crits. We repeat until the successful destruction of opponents. The whole problem is that after leaving the close stance, we will have to wait for its restoration and change the hero to other members of the squad. But all this is leveled by his constellation.

Talents (constellation)

The most powerful talents, revealing the full combat potential of Tartaglia, are at levels 4 and 6. At the 4th constellation level, all low tide markers begin to independently activate every 4 seconds. This allows us to do even more AOE damage. The 6th constellation level allows the hero to roll back the restoration of the elemental skill when using the ultimate in the melee stance.


  • The most ideal choice for Tartaglia is, of course, the legendary bow 5 ★ Heavenly Wing . It gives a lot of stats necessary for the hero and a good passive.
  • Out of the Epic, 4 ★ Green Bow from the Battle Pass works best . It has the same basic stats, and its passive works just fine.
  • 4 ★ The Montenegrin battle bow will also be good due to its stats, but its passive will not work as interestingly, and is suitable mostly for the Abyss.
  • 4 ★ Stringless will suit us if we play through energy accumulation and damage from elemental explosions.
  • 4 ★ Rusty bow will increase our basic attack damage quite well.


Tartaglia should take the place of DD in your squad. The whole problem lies in the fact that while you do not have the 6th talent, it is better to use one more hero with it, to which you can switch during the restoration of the spirit stance. In any case, Tartaglia can play both by spamming his attacks, and by activating ebb markers with an elemental explosion.

Physical damage

First of all, we need to correctly use his combination of blows. The most advantageous DPS will be a full archery streak with jump animation canceled. In the stance of the spirit, it will be more profitable to do 3 normal attacks and 1 powerful. These are the most effective attacks in terms of damage / time spent.

We will have a choice of artifacts. We can take x2 from set 5 ★ End of the gladiator and x2 from set 5 ★ Ceremony of the ancient nobility.

The full set 5 ★ Oncoming comet will look the most interesting . But in this case, your team must have a geo character to receive geo shields.

Epic sets include 4 ★ Warrior or 4 ★ Gambler.

Well, if you are just starting your journey in Genshin Impact, then feel free to take the 4 ★ Berserker set.

Artifact stats:

  • Chalice - Hydro Damage Bonus.
  • Hat - crit chance.
  • The clock is the power of the attack.
  • Secondary characteristics - crit damage, crit chance, attack power.

Magic Damage

If we choose the path through the elemental explosion, then we will need to maximize the recovery rate of our ultimate, its damage and damage from other elemental reactions.

In this case, pay attention to the full set of 5 ★ Ancient Noble Ceremony . In an amicable way, you can maintain an eternal 20% bonus due to the fast rollback of the ultimate.

If you understand that you do not have enough recovery speed for the ultimate, then you can choose x2 from set 4 ★ Scientist and x2 from set 4 ★ Exile.

According to the characteristics, the priority does not change.


Let's consider several options. By itself, the bonus from the hydro unit does not look particularly interesting. But if you have Xing Qiu with level 2 skills, then he will be able to increase Tartaglia's damage and give him additional survivability. Such a squad would look something like this: Tartaglia, Xiang Ling , Xing Qiu and Sucrose.

If you want more pure damage and damage from reactions, then you can look for such a squad: Tartaglia, Fischl , Xiang Ling and Bennett. Fischl and Xiang Ling will help propel reactions, while Bennett will heal the squad and increase their attack.

If you use the Oncoming Comet set, then you will need to find a place for at least one geo character. Best of all, if they are Ning Guang. Thanks to her, you will very easily pierce geo shields.

You can also consider a squad that will look something like this: Tartaglia, Ning Guang, Xiang Ling and Noelle.

If you are a Dilyuk Mainer, then you can collect a squad with him. You will change to Dilyuk while Tartaglia has a rollback of the spirit stand. We take Tartaglia, Dilyuk, Kli and Qi Qi. But this is already an option for the rich.


Tartaglia is an unusual character. It takes some time to study it and, in a good way, a big infusion of donate to discover its best constellations. But in any case, even a single Tartaglia will be able to show quite powerful damage in the right hands.

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