In this guide we are going to talk about Uranus from Mobile legend bang bang. So without any futher a do lets get to it.


Passive skill - Uranus absorbs the energy generated by attacks directed against it to fortify itself, recovering from 2 to 10 health points per second for each charge, the effect lasts 10 seconds. Can stack up to 20 stacks. A full stack of passives can be accumulated on forest monsters and creeps on the lane, substituting for hits every 10 seconds. You will have to learn to keep the Uranus passive at all times in order not to summon a heal. Then we will be able to improve the passive at the expense of items, but I'll tell you about this when we consider the assembly.

First skill - Uranus releases 2 energy spheres that revolve around him, damaging enemies while reducing their physical attack and magical power by 15% and their movement speed by 30% for 2 seconds. Every time this skill deals damage to a target, the target is marked. Each charge increases the damage of this skill by 40%, up to 320% maximum. Each energy sphere deals damage to the same target only once. Not a bad massive debuff, which we can also enhance with our items.

Second skill - Uranus stores energy to dash in a specific direction, damaging and slowing enemies in its path. After jumping, Uranus creates an energy shield that absorbs damage for 4 seconds. The shield explodes when it is broken or when time expires, damaging enemies.

Ultimate - Uranus releases the energy stored in his body to remove the slow effects from himself and immediately restore 200 health points, while increasing his movement speed by 60% for 8 seconds. Uranus also gains 5 charges of Radiance, increasing 50% of the shield and recovery for 8 seconds, during which he cannot be controlled.

Skill upgrade

The main skill for inflicting damage is "Ionic Limit", you will spam them constantly, so we pump it first, then we swing the second skill and the ultimate, if possible.


Uranus does not have any special combinations, but in order to get the most profit from your skills, they should be squeezed in the following sequence:

  1. Turn on the shield - thereby you start a teamfight.
  2. Then use the first skill, trying to hit as many opponents as possible.
  3. And press the ultimate. At what point to squeeze it, you need to look at the situation, I recommend using it when you have 50% HP left.
  4. The first skill you have quickly recharges, so you have time to squeeze it again before your opponent flies off to rest at the fountain.

If the enemy is nearby, and you get him with your first skill, then you can start your attack from him. We pass the first skill, then we press on the shield and the ultimate, and then we spam with the first skill.

Bonus ability and emblems

Uranus can go to mid, like a tank, and solo, like a fighter. If you go solo, then I recommend taking Fire Shot... In fact, this is your control, since you can approach the enemy point-blank and push him towards your allies without any problems. Very good self-starter even after nerfs. If you go to mid, I recommend using Healing... With a mask, you will take 2 lvl for a very long time, and you will most likely go to invade the blue buff after the first pack of creeps. This is where this samoner will show itself in all its glory. Also, Uranus is probably one of those tanks that is afraid of control. So if the opposing team has too much control, then wherever you go, I recommend you take Purification. We rarely experience control, and therefore Cleansing for us, almost the most important samoner.

The most effective emblems for Uranus will be emblems Support with 1 or 3 perk. I very often move on Uranus with a team and therefore for myself among these two perks I chose "Focus Mark". It places a debuff on the enemy and allows my allies to deal 6% more damage to them. But "Pull yourself together" is actually also a good option, it reduces the recharge time of our samoner by 15%, which will allow us to use the same Purification every time we are in danger, and not worry that it will take a very long time to recharge.

Also, I can't help but tell you about other emblems that are used on Uranus. These are emblems Tank with 1 or 3 perk. Resilience will give us extra survivability, while Attack and Defense will give us some damage. But from the same "Focus Mark" you will get much more profit in terms of damage. There are also emblems Magician with 3 perk. In fact, this is additional damage and mana recovery, but all this has a 5 second cooldown, and I never ran out of mana on Uranus, so I am skeptical about this perk. But if you also constantly run out of mana, then this perk is clearly your choice, since without mana you have nothing to do on the battlefields.


At the start we buy or Hunting Knifeor the Wooden Mask . It all depends on which line we go to. If we go to mid like a tank, then we take a mask, if we go solo, then a knife. Now I will tell you what to collect if we go to the solo line.

After buying a knife, you need to purchase two Magic Necklaces . We use our skills very often, and we run out of mana very quickly, and necklaces regenerate it for us. They will be enough for you not to constantly run to the base.

Then i buy Warrior's Boots, they will give us additional physical protection.

After buying boots, I start collecting Enchanted Talisman... This book gives us skill CD, mana regeneration and damage. That is, our shield will start doing more damage when it explodes.

Then I start to collect Oracle, it goes well with my passive and my support emblems.

Next, we collect Breastplate of Brute Force... A very good item for Uranus, as he constantly spams with skills and gets all the bonuses from this item.

Then I start to collect Reign of Ice... We are always close to opponents, and this item will slow down their movement and attack speed by 50%.

The last item I buy Immortality... This is our second life, and in the late it will not interfere with us.

If you go to mid or stand in a lane with ADK, then after buying the mask, I start collecting the Demon's Shoes, Oracle and Breastplate of Brute Force, and then according to the situation. You can collect any items for protection, just do not collect the book.


Playing for Uranus in hard and Uranus in mid or bot is practically the same. You run with the team and help them. But your start is always different. Let's start to analyze the game on the bot .

When you come to the lane, the enemy will most likely be on the red buff, so we are not afraid and go to meet creeps between T1 and T2, take this pack of creeps and get the 2nd level and go to pick up the coin. We stand aggressively on the lane, we are not afraid of the enemy, basically you will exchange damage during the time when the waves of creeps approach the lane. In order not to receive unnecessary damage, I recommend that after taking a pack of creeps, go to your forest. You can also try your luck in the enemy forest. If you see that your allies are going to gank you, start aggression and breed the enemy for skills. If you are playing with Fire Shot, hold it until your allies come up. When they come to you, you can push your opponent towards your tower and cut off his escape routes.

It is also very important for you to learn how to keep stacks on Uranus, you can do this on a coin. Remember that you should always keep 20 stacks on Uranus. Never again be afraid on Uranus to aggressively attack the enemy who is under the tavern, you will often be expected to initiate under the tower, and Uranus, who is afraid to jump under the tower, is not Uranus. See how it's done. On your 2nd skill, you fly under the tower and press the 1st skill, then the shield explodes and you deal damage from the explosion. You can survive 2-3 more hits of the tower, and then I advise you to retreat, having pressed the ultimate. You will restore all lost health within 10 seconds. Don't be afraid to be aggressive on the line. With the receipt of the 4th level, we leave the line and begin to walk along the lines and help the team, we come to our line only to

Mid game... In the mid lane, after a pack of creeps, you go to the buff. If you took Healing into samoners, then I recommend that you go to the enemy's buff, otherwise why did you take Healing? Then you pick up the healing creep and go for a coin. But if you didn't invade, then you first take the healing camp, and then you go to your buff and coin. In mid, you will most likely be standing 1: 3: 1. On a coin, you will get the 2nd level, and with it you can start aggression and initiate mixes. But for now, it's better for you to fly into one target, and only with the receipt of the ultimate, you can already not deny yourself anything and start jumping into 2-3 people, wait for the buttons to be given back at you, squeeze the ultimate and leave to restore your health and fly for the 2nd time. In the batch, we are trying to sit on an enemy magician, ADK or assassin. This is who poses the greatest threat to your team, and you will fly into that. You have every chance to pick up the enemy carry hero. We impose our game on the enemy through aggression and try to finish the game as soon as possible.

Worst opponents

Unpleasant champions for us will be Nipper and Themuz... If you find yourself in a lane with them, I do not recommend exchanging damage with them, since at the beginning of the game they are stronger than us. But in the late, we will no longer feel their damage. Also, we do not want to see such ADCs as Carrie, Bruno and Granger... In the late, it will already be unpleasant for us to take damage from Lesliy... But that's all, the rest of the ADCs do not break through us. Of the mages, we only dislike those who have control and explosive damage. That is, magicians such as Aurora and Valeer they are also a bad matchup for us. From tanks it is Atlas and Khufra...

Better allies

Well, perhaps, here I can add Diggy, since control is really not pleasant for us, and Angel... You are a tank without control, your task is to absorb as much as possible and inflict your damage at the same time, so you don't need allies as such. You can handle the task of taking damage on your own.

What rank to play?

If you are at a rank below the Legend, then you no doubt buy Uranus and apologize in 2-3 days. People on the epic do not know how to play against you, and even more so at the lower ranks. If you don't run after kills, you can even split-push on Uranus. But is it worth buying Uranus for legends and myths? Here, honestly, it's up to you to decide. The hero is boring and monotonous, I take him only when I want to relax, since with him you can really finish the skating rinks really quickly, without having to think a lot. You just go and get aggressive and end the game.

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