Hackers demand $ 11 million from Capcom for confidential data

Hackers demand $ 11 million from Capcom for confidential data

Earlier it became known that Capcom was subjected to a cyber attack, as a result of which part of the corporate network was stopped to prevent the spread of the virus. The hackers said they were able to download and encrypt 1 terabyte of data, which contains documents of Capcom employees, bank details, passport details, correspondence history and other confidential information.

It has now become known that after the attack on many Capcom devices, a note appeared with a demand from the Ragnar Locker group. Attackers demand $ 11 million to recover files. If the deal fails, attackers threaten to publish or sell this data to interested parties. 

Capcom Hackers note screenshot 1

The hackers have attached numerous URLs to the ransom note where screenshots of the stolen files can be found, including layoff agreements, Japanese passports, earnings projections, pay tables, nondisclosure agreements, and Steam sales reports. 

Ragnar Locker has previously been involved in other massive attacks, including the Portuguese multinational energy giant EDP and the French maritime transport and logistics company CMA CGM.

Capcom Hackers note screenshot 2

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