Hello Neighbor solution: You can get through all the files with our guide

Hello Neighbor solution: You can get through all the files with our guide

In our Hello Neighbor solution, we show you step by step how to outsmart the neighbor.

In this Hello Neighbor solution you will learn:

  • How to avoid the neighbors
  • How you all solve puzzles
  • How you get through all three acts

Get into your neighbour's basement, find out his secret and disappear again. What sounds simple at first can get quite complicated. Your neighbor is paranoid and his house is a little maze, riddled with traps and locks. But with our Hello Neighbor solution you are always one step ahead.

Is there an ideal solution for Hello Neighbor?

Every act in Hello Neighbor is a kind of sandbox in which you can let off steam and find several solutions . Some of them take significantly longer than others. Take a good look around and watch out for conspicuous objects. These are often brightly colored and stand out from the environment.

At this point, of course, we cannot list all possible solutions for Hello Neighbor. Instead, we offer you a walkthrough that is relatively quick . You are free to seek other options and drive your neighbor insane in a variety of ways. We go through the campaign act by act with you.

Act 1

Your task in the first act of Hello Neighbor is to get the red key and enter the basement of the house . When the game starts, you go to your ball and watch the following cutscene. Then your neighbor will grab you and take you to your own house on the opposite side.

First of all, you can go to your cozy home to look around and familiarize yourself with the controls. You also need a heavy object . Some of them are lying around with you. Since you've finished, leave your home and go back to the other side of the street to your neighbor.

Do you see the eye-catching shelf leaning against the neighbour's porch? This is our entry into the house. We can jump up the boards like steps, but we can't get any further up. We need two of the many cardboard boxes that are scattered around the garden. Carry these on the shelf and stack them on top of each other. But don't make too much noise.

From the box it goes to the roof. From here we have to jump onto the canopy over the front door. Hold down the sprint button, but don't jump too far or you'll have to start over. Now you run over the gutter until you reach two windows. Select your heavy object, break one of the two panes and enter the house.

In the room you will see a red lever on the right that operates a platform on the outer wall and a fan. However, it has no electricity. A cable leads to an adjoining room. Since this is closed off, we need an alternative way. Take a closer look at the picture next to the door. If you remove it, a hole in the wall reveals itself behind it.

In the next room is a lever that you use to power the fan . You will also find a key that permanently unlocks the door. Now it gets tricky: if you move the red lever, the platform also moves, but unfortunately you are not on it. For this we need the fan. Proceed as follows:

  • Move the red lever up
  • Place a box in front of the shelf with the fan
  • Place another box (or other item) in front of the fan
  • Turn on the fan
  • Jump through the broken window and run to the platform before the object reaches the lever and flips it for you

The big picture hides a secret passage.

Have you done everything right, you now go up with the platform . Enter the room in front of you through the window. Since the neighbor may hear you, you have to be quiet but quick. The coveted red key is on the table to your left. Put it in your pocket and flee the house temporarily.

The shortest way to the basement is through the front door. Make sure the old man isn't on guard and sneak into the foyer. From here it goes to the first room on the right . Do you see the door with the red lock? Use the key and unlock it. In the next room you open the washing machine and go into the secret passage.

After a few steps you will come to a closed room. Use one of the cans lying around to escape through a window. In the hallway there is a fuse box on the left with a lever that opens the grille on the right. Keep going until you find a flashlight and pick it up. Next to the crash dummy is another lever.

In the following room you can see a large painting. Push it up the fence and use the ramp to climb over it. Here you can see a generator - switch it on. Over a pile of bulky waste it goes over the fence again. Go through the newly opened door and another until you meet the neighbor.

Tilt the picture on the fence.

Now you have two options: run away or stand still . If you don't want to be caught, you have to open more bars and break a wall with black bricks (use a heavy object). However, it is easier to get arrested because the man will bring you back to the beginning of the basement and that's where we want to go.

No matter which direction you are coming from, go back into the room with the tilted picture . Thanks to the generator, a new path has opened up here. All you have to do is flip the switch on the wall. In the next corridor you run away from the neighbor until you come to a door with many locks. The old man grabs you and Act 1 ends.

Act 2

We came in, now we just have to get out again. Act 2 is pretty easy and short if you know what you are doing. You wake up in the room before, but without an object to throw. Instead, look through the keyhole several times until the door opens as if by magic. To your right you can see a red illuminated grid. Take it off and go through the hallway behind it.

Now climb the ladder up and exit the house through the hatch. The neighbor has sealed off his property, so we have to come up with something. Pick up four cardboard boxes lying around in the garden and look for another ladder that will bring you to the roof. Look around for the red trampoline - this is our way out.

Jump over to the ledge and build stairs.

Our goal is to jump onto the protruding wooden planks from the roof . For that we have to run and jump off at the last moment. Once you've made it, all you have to do is stack the four boxes to form a staircase and jump onto the trampoline from the highest point and then into freedom.

Act 3

Act 3 is the conclusion of Hello Neighbor and takes place after a time jump. You are in your apartment. After a short time you will receive a letter. Read the letter and watch the cutscene. Then you are in front of your old house. Enter the ruin . Another cutscene is triggered.

Now you go across the street and get the key from the trunk of the parked car. Unlock the door and enter the former home of your adversary. You get a call that triggers another sequence.

Then run to the stairs and go up. Now follows a similar trick as with the trampoline. You can see a lamp on the right wall. Jump on it and then into the room above.

This lamp is more useful than it looks.

The room is decorated with several pictures. But only the portrait with the gun is important . If you move this, a secret passage opens. To leave the room, pull the lever on the wall. Now it goes through the newly opened passage, which was hidden behind a picture with a tree and a road.

Run through some rooms until you find a crowbar . Warning, this is hot and has to cool down first. When you have picked it up and dropped it, you jump down one room. There is an umbrella to dust off here. Don't forget the crowbar. Stand on the platform and throw something at the switch to move it up. Go through the door here.

The goal is to reach the door with the EXIT sign with the shopping cart and five items. Easier said than done, because the crash dummies are bothering you. When one of them shows up, duck down and collect the items from the shelves . If you touch one of the dolls, you start over.

You are now outside the house again. Run to the small white window at the back, climb onto a cardboard box and flip the switch in the house to open all the doors. Go through the front door and run  to the back on the right . Climb the ladders all the way to the top and walk along the left tracks until you are over a roof. Jump down, then onto the bridge and finally onto the window ledge.

Jump on the windowsill to get to the rain gutter.

Run along this and turn on the red wheel. Via the tracks you get to the red balcony. From here you can come all the way back down. In this way you can easily reach almost all areas of the house. But stay upstairs, go back a little and enter the house via a balcony. Run to the right, to the left and then on and on until you reach a room where you get your guitar .

Run back one room and press the red switch. You walk past some cardboard boxes with a flashlight on them that you should grab. Then you get into a children's room. Here it is our job to prepare the room exactly as in the picture on the wall. You have your guitar and lamp with you, everything else is in the room.

If you did everything right, you will hear a tone. Follow the black wire on the floor to a window. There is a fenced-in generator below the room. Jump down and turn it off. Now it's back to the room with the tracks. Run along them and then jump on the red stairs. Here you can see a passage blocked by cardboard boxes. Throw something to free it.

Jump out of this window to reach the generator.

In the next room you will find the green key . With this it goes to the ground floor and back to the right again. But instead of going up, it goes down the aisle, over some boxes and into another room with crash dummies. If you have survived it, go back down the corridor and up the stairs. Behind the couch is a lever that opens another mini-game room.

For the red key you go back to the room where you found the umbrella and the crowbar. Since the key is behind a grille, you first have to flip a high switch with an object. Take the key. To get to the door with the red lock, you have to go to the roof.

One way to get there is to stop the roller coaster just before a pass. Just push a heavy piece of furniture in front of it. Then you stack some items on the wagon until you reach the roof. Look here for a hatch between the trees. Open the door and throw an item into it.

Now look around for the single room hanging by ropes on the side of the house. You can reach him with the umbrella. Stand at the edge of the pipe sticking out from the roof. Inside you climb up the furniture and throw a cup on the shelf . Go through the door and jump into the toaster, which will catapult you onto another shelf.

Here you collect the darts. Then you push the paper plane over the wall and sail with it through the room. Next, use the arrows to go further up. The last thing you do is jump towards the lamp. You have to jump one more time and get the double jump .

Now it's back to the ground floor. Open the refrigerator that you defrosted using the generator and take the key card . It only appears when you have completed all mini-games with the crash dummies. If it is not there, you have to look around again. With the card you go to the cellar door. Put them in place and remove the boards with the crowbar.

The finale of Hello Neighbor

Run down the basement again until you reach the room where your neighbor locked you in act 1. Keep going until you find a door with an EXIT sign. We continue through a corridor and a white door that leads to the last area of ​​Hello Neighbor. After a cutscene you find yourself in a different place.

Run to the tall wooden structure in the middle and grab four boxes. You see a single wall in the vacuum with a switch on it. Hit this one with one of the boxes. Keep walking until you find a huge toaster , which you reach via the flashlight, radio and shelf. Jump in and let yourself be catapulted upwards.

In the toaster and it goes high.

Here you flip another switch and jump onto the platform. Once at the top, you grab the vase to break the window. In the room behind that there is another switch that you should activate remotely. The floor will disappear and some umbrellas will appear, which you must grab one. Float to the hut , which is on a rise.

Take one of the candles and jump towards the neighbor. Look around for the fireworks, crouch down and light the fuse. Next you go to the toaster again. This time you use the umbrella to fly to a shelf with some balls on it. Throw one of the balls into the funnel .

Continue to a table with a bow on it . Cut the cord with the candle and fire the arrow. Now it's a third time to the toaster. Fly from here to the gramophone and from there to the entrance threshold to the house on the neighbour's back. Go inside and look for a little boy.

Follow the boy and watch how the house is gradually destroyed. If the house is completely gone, you will meet the neighbor again in a strange place. But don't worry, he's no longer out for a fight. All you have to do now is open the green door and watch the ending.

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