Рhoenix Point: Year One Edition - Moved a week earlier

Рhoenix Point: Year One Edition - Moved a week earlier

The release on Steam of a turn-based tactical strategy from the father of Hsom 's founder Julian Gollop was postponed to December 3. As the developer himself says in his full text of the letter below:

Dear Backer,

Good news! Phoenix Point: Year One Edition is coming to Steam and other PC and Mac platforms a week earlier than planned, on December 3, 2020. Why the move? There's no reason to be coy about it - we moved to avoid the juggernaut that is Cyberpunk 2077.

Although the reasons are direct, the decision was difficult. We debated internally quite a bit as to whether we should move the game into 2021, to get as much distance from Cyberpunk as possible. We ultimately decided this would be unfair to you, the fans who have waited so long for Phoenix Point: Year One Edition to release on their platform of choice. We certainly understand why others have made the decision to delay their games in light of the Cyberpunk move, but we want you to be able to play ours as soon as possible, because we're really proud of it.This is a risky proposition for us. Believe it or not, a week of development time has a big effect on the quality of a release. The team has been working extremely hard, both on our latest “Arkham” Update, which just came out this week, and on the Year One Edition. Our goal is to exceed your expectations, and we believe we can do that - without crunching - even on this new timeline. Hopefully, you'll agree that Year One Edition is the best version of Phoenix Point yet released and one of the best strategy games of the year.We're excited for you to play Phoenix Point: Year One Edition on December 3. If you haven't yet, please don't forget to wishlist us on Steam, or your platform of choice!

Best regards, The Phoenix Point Team


Рhoenix Point: Year One Edition screenshot

True, it was released in EGS a long time ago, however, total problems with balance, mechanics and performance did not allow the public to fully appreciate this game.

Despite the rather average ratings, the developers did not abandon their brainchild and on August 1, update 1.6 was released, codenamed "Cthulhu", which completely and completely changed the balance and brightened up some rough edges of the game.

Let me remind you that in the game after global warming, sea creatures began to mutate and eat humanity. And only detachments from the secret organization Phoenix Point will have to lead one or more surviving factions to victory, break the back of the terrible virus, and also figure out their dark past. Build bases, recruit new members, study the technology tree, engage in diplomacy, and fly out on endless tactical sorties of Hsom Style.

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