How do I set up my DualSense controller on PC and Steam?

How do I set up my DualSense controller on PC and Steam?

Enhanced haptic motors and "adaptive" triggers from the DualSense controller on the PlayStation 5 make for a damn cool gamepad that gives you a whole new gaming experience. However, you won't be able to use all the capabilities of this device on a PC, because there are no official drivers.

And yet the brand new DualSense will work. So if you're willing to sacrifice special features for PC gaming, check out our guide on how to set up your new controller on PC and Steam.

How to connect via USB cable?

This is no big deal because you just need to connect the USB cable to your DualSense controller and your PC. Everything is as easy as shelling pears, but you should definitely take into account that you need a cable that has a USB Type-C - USB Type-A or USB Type-C - C connector, but provided there is a convenient port C. Since the DualSense gamepad does not accept micro USB connectors etc.

How to connect via bluetooth?

  • Of course, for this you will need to have an appropriate USB adapter or, in extreme cases, a motherboard, where there will be built-in Bluetooth.
  • To connect, you need to open the "Bluetooth and other devices" section and turn on Bluetooth (click on "Start" ,  choose "Options"  , switch to "Devices").
  • Next, the computer will begin to search for available devices, but most likely it will not find anything, because you need to enable the corresponding option on the DualSense gamepad  to do this, you must hold down the PS logo button together with the "Create" button until the button starts flashing its LEDs.
  • After that, your controller should appear in the list with devices  at this final stage, it remains only to choose a device to connect.

From now on, the brand new gamepad is connected to a Windows PC, where there is a "Directnput" driver that recognizes games and allows you to customize the controls.

The only problem is that most computer games are now built on the basis of "XInput", that is, the driver from Microsoft. Accordingly, it is primarily intended for Xbox console gamepads. Thus, the new PS5 DualSense will be severely limited. It's not all bad though, because the solution exists - it's Steam.

How do I set up DualSense on Steam?

How do I set up DualSense on Steam?

The advantage of Steam is that there is official support not only for regular PC gamepads, but also support for DualShock 4. Thanks to this, the basic optional settings of the new device are greatly simplified:

  • First, connect the controller to the PC, open Steam, activate gamepad support, start the operation mode for TVs and controllers "Big Picture".
  • Next, open the "Settings"  followed by a section with "General controller settings"  at this stage it is necessary to find DualSense in the "Find a controller" section (bottom left).
  • After clicking on the device to customize the layout, open "Settings" (also at the bottom left)  then a window will open where you can customize control based on your own preferences.
  • The settings can also be saved and given some special name, but in any case, that's all, since DualSense is connected from now on and should work like any other gamepad.

How do I set up DualSense in games from other stores?

In this regard, with DualSense, everything is a little more complicated, but a temporary solution until the appropriate drivers or some fan programs like "DS4Windows" are released, works.

So if you want to play a game on a new controller, which is, for example, in the Epic Games Store, then the Steam site can act as a kind of intermediary when connecting. To do this, you need to add the game as a third-party. This can be done as follows:

  • Launch and open Steam, click on the menu with games, choose the option where we are talking about "Adding a third-party game to the library".
  • Find the installed game on your PC that you want to add (you can also mark it in the list, if any).
  • Now all that remains is to click on the "Add Selected" option, after which a shortcut for the third-party game will be created.

In any case, for now, some of the DualSense functionality, whatever one may say, will not work. The same Steam simply does not understand how to work with this controller. Therefore, it remains to be hoped that Valve will someday release an update with official support, which will use all the features of the new item.

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