How to activate 4K and 8K on PS5

How to activate 4K and 8K on PS5

Since the first game consoles, the industry has had an exponential growth that has allowed the evolution of hardware in an organic way. Consoles are increasingly powerful and seek to create fully immersive and realistic experiences . Already on PS4 we could enjoy very vivid environments like the world of Horizon Zero Dawn, so spontaneous that it scares. In PlayStation 5 these experiences will go even further, especially by using the DualSense controller that provides other more palpable sensations. All this coupled with high-definition resolutions such as the desired 4K and 8K increasingly common in televisions. We tell you below how to activate 4K on PS5 .

First of all, it would be interesting to remember the resolutions that PS5 supports . A few weeks ago it was confirmed that the console does not support the 1440p intermediate resolution rate natively, better known as 8K . This leaves out some monitors and Sony explained that they have focused on the standard resolution of today's most used televisions, from 720p (1280 × 720) to 2160 (3840 × 2160) . The latter is also known as 4K and can be enabled on the PS5 system to take advantage of the highest quality of video games.

All this all that means is that the PS5 is compatible with 720p, 1080i, 1080p and 2160 resolution monitors , leaving out for the moment 8K natively. Therefore, users with a 1440p monitor will have to lower the resolution to 1080p in order to play most PS5 games. In any case, the latest statements from Sony in this regard suggest that it could come in the future with an update, so it is important to keep the PS5 software updated in its latest version .

How to activate 4K on PS5

  • Turn on the PS5 and go into [Settings].
  • Select [Screen & Video] from the menu.
  • Click [Video Output] and select [Resolution] .
  • Change the [Auto] setting to [2160p] .

In this menu you can find all the video outputs that the PS5 console allows, although it could change in the future. In principle, the console should detect 4K compatibility on those televisions that allow it automatically. So by default the [Automatic] option appears, but you have the possibility to change it manually as we have just explained. Other important adjustments you can do from here is to activate HDR. In that sense, PS5 supports HDR10.

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