How to change PS5 DNS: everything you need to know


How to change PS5 DNS: everything you need to know

Are you ready to take the generational leap on consoles? If the answer is yes, you may be interested in getting the most out of your PS5 . On several occasions, Sony has taken advantage of the new hardware for its power and the speed it can achieve to upload and download data . In addition, its SSD allows you to almost completely eliminate the loading screens in games like Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales or Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart . The user can also change the PS5 DNS to improve the connection speed, so we explain how you can do it in this complete guide on DNS .

What are DNS and what are they for?

Many gamers are not familiar with this term, so they are unaware that they can improve the performance of the console with something so simple. DNS stands for Domain Name System and is a database-based system for naming domains so that the console can access them quickly. This means that thanks to DNS, PS5 can recognize IP addresses to connect faster and improve download speed, among other things. But DNS servers have other advantages if we know how to choose them well.

They can be more stable and secure servers to avoid attacks on the network. They can also be used to avoid geolocation restrictions , although we have to remind you that PS5 is region free. Since 2018, PlayStation Store has been prohibited from blocking content or games depending on the region, so currently this problem should not exist. You could already change the DNS on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch . Now that you know what it is for, we are going to collect the best DNS for PS5 and how to change the DNS on your new console.

What are the best DNS?

Below you have a list of the best DNS that you can currently use in video games, of which the first are the fastest. One of the most used and reliable is Cloudflare . PlayStation users speak highly of Cloudflare which became a benchmark 10 years ago.

This DNS acts as an intermediary and is capable of detecting malicious traffic to avoid attacks and other bad practices such as spam. But it stands out above all for its speed to connect with an almost instantaneous response . For that reason, there are many companies that use this DNS such as Dropbox, Discord or Pinterest .

  • OpenDNS Home - and
  • Cloudflare - and
  • IBM Quad9 -
  • Google - and
  • Level3 - and
  • Verisign - and
  • WATCH - and
  • Comodo Secure DNS - and
  • GreenTeamDNS - and
  • SafeDNS - and
  • OpenNIC - and
  • SmartViper - and
  • Dyn - and
  • FreeDNS - and
  • Alternate DNS - and
  • DNS - and
  • UncensoredDNS - and
  • Hurricane Electric -
  • puntCAT -
  • Neustar - and
  • Fourth Estate -
  • CleanBrowsing - and
  • UltraDNS -,
  • UltraDNS Family - and

How to change DNS step by step

When you go into the PS5 network settings , you can see all these terms in a more graphical way. Just remember that the console connects to servers that facilitate the connection and that is why you can improve the speed of your service. Now we will continue with the same example of Cloudflare to change the PS5 DNS that come by default, but you can try with whatever you want. For example, Google DNS is also known to provide very fast speeds, but it does not have as much privacy as others. In any case it is part of your choice.

  1. Turn on your PS5 and go into [Settings].
  2. Select [Network] .
  3. Click [Settings] and [Set up Internet connection] .
  4. Now choose [Configure manually] .
  5. Select [Use LAN cable] and the information in the table will appear (below these lines).
  6. Select [Primary DNS] and change the number to the server you want (in the example
  7. Then also change the [Secondary DNS] with the server you want (in the example
  8. Click [Done] to confirm the changes.

Connection name
LAN cable 1

IP address configuration

DHCP host name
Do not specify

DNS configuration

Primary DNS

Secondary DNS

Proxy server
Do not use

MTU Settings

In these options you can configure several connections or leave everything in automatic if you prefer. As you can see, by default there is no DNS or proxy server. After completing this process, it will connect automatically and you can check your connection speed on pages like As you can see, you can configure many aspects of your new console , although first we recommend that you see how to have several PS5 accounts.

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