How to change the region of PS5

How to change the region of PS5

Video game lovers are already enjoying PlayStation 5, Sony's new console that has excellent features . So on launch day many users spent much of their time setting up the console. It actually takes very little time, since the important thing is to have a PlayStation Network account or to have multiple accounts on PS5 . But there is something that seems silly and you should not ignore: the region and the language of the console . So today we are going to teach you how to change the region of PS5 so that you will not encounter problems in the future.

When creating a PlayStation Network account, the user has to enter their personal data such as date of birth to certify that they are of legal age. Among this information you must also indicate the country of origin and the language . Although it seems anecdotal, the truth is that it is important to access the PlayStation Store of the region that corresponds to us. And something similar happens with the console. Some promotions are activated in some regions of the world and not in others, as well as demos available at certain times.

How to change the region and language of PS5

You already know that choosing the correct region of PS5 is a must. As it happened on PS4, this option is not available on the PS5 system because it is already region free . This means that the games do not have a regional blockade, something that was prohibited after the approval of a European law to prevent this type of practice. So since 2018 you can change the region and language of the digital store without leaving the account.

However, not everything was going to be good news. The only way to change the PSN region is to create a new account from scratch as follows:

  1. Go to [Settings] of PS5.
  2. Click [Login].
  3. Select the [Users and Accounts] option .
  4. Choose [Account] and click [Login].
  5. Select [Create account] .
  6. Enter your personal information such as date of birth, credit card, region or language .
  7. Finally, enter email address and password 2 times to confirm.

The language is more accessible on the console . Many games do not allow changing the language from their own settings, but rather detect the language of the console and that is why it is interesting to have the possibility to change it. For this you can enter [Settings] which is in the upper bar of the PS5 interface and has the shape of a gear. Then carry out the following steps, but first close all the applications or games that you have open:

  1. Enter [Settings] .
  2. Select [System] and [Language].
  3. Choose [Console Language] .
  4. In this option you can change the language.
The arrival of PlayStation 5 has been very well received and in four days 118,000 consoles have been sold in Japan . One of its strengths is the DualSense control that transmits new sensations to play video games and accessories such as the remote control with which you can watch Disney + on PS5 .

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