How to delete your Roblox account

How to delete your Roblox account

The Roblox video game is becoming all the rage in the gamer community , every day more are part of this title. And if that weren't enough, it is available for different platforms such as Android, iPhone, PC and Xbox One, where you can have various adventures and experiences in worlds never seen before.

Of course, to start playing it is essential to have an account, but do not worry, since creating it is very easy and also free . Despite its benefits, features and functions, not all members have enough time to play it or worse, the game was not what they expected and they decide to register on the platform.

If you are one of them, in this post we will show you how to delete your Roblox account in several ways and thus erase your personal data from the system forever. Join us!

Methods to delete your Roblox account

Below you will see a series of methods that you can use to delete your Roblox account safely and without leaving a trace.

Roblox statement

In other video games, signing up completely may be a viable option; however, on Roblox this is not the case. The corporate Roblox rules ensure that there is no way to delete the account of the game. A symbolic method of deleting your Roblox account for good is to simply stop playing it altogether.

Periodically, the Roblox system will perform a test on all accounts that are not active and depending on the time out, it will delete all the information from the database. This period of inactivity is approximately 1 year or more.

Roblox technical support

Another way to try to delete the Roblox account is through technical support . To do this, you must fill in the corresponding data such as: email, username and in the "Details of the problem" section, select the device, such as: PC.

In the section «Help category» choose «Technical support> Problems playing». After completing these steps, you must present the case describing the problem, it is recommended that it be done in English.

Contact Roblox Customer Service

  • Social networks: the video game has different social networks, one option is to communicate with them directly, either through Twitter or Facebook and request information to delete the account. You can check other available means at this link.

  • Telephone number: if for any reason you have not been able to contact technical support or customer service, you can call their offices directly at the following number: (888) 858-2569 and cordially request that they remove your data and information from the platform .

Not being the exemplary player

This is a slightly orthodox option, but very effective when it comes to online games. What you must do is break all the rules and regulations of the Roblox community , in this way the system will detect you as a problem player and you will be expelled from the game.

If you are suspended for only a few weeks, wait until the time is up and then go through the same process until the system completely blocks you.

The latter is not recommended, mainly because it is not good to damage the environment of the community. Remember that of all the methods that we have mentioned so far, the easiest is to "stop playing" , and over time the system will eliminate any trace of your data and without so many complications.

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