How to download Old School RuneScape for PC, Mac and mobile

How to download Old School RuneScape for PC, Mac and mobile

Old School RuneScape is a game that is available on many platforms. Originally we could only play on PC AND Mac but on October 30, 2018 the mobile version was released . Since its launch it has received many improvements and adaptations that give it a more comfortable playability . Now we can play in all of them with the same account without our progress being affected.

If you are new to the game, before downloading the title you must register on the page to have the account created at the time of playing. In this guide you will learn how to download and install the original Old School RuneScape client without any problem.

How to Download and Install Old School RuneScape for PC

If you have a Windows computer you can play this game, in this section we are going to teach you step by step how to do it:

  • You must first access the official website of Old School RuneScape . In it you can see a lot of information about the game, such as news and updates . On the left side of the page you will see a green button that says "Download Old School" , click on it.

  • On this page we will see all the options with which we can download the game . In this case select the one that says "Download Windows Client".

How to Download and Install Old School RuneScape for PC

  • After clicking, a box will open in which it is necessary to choose where to save the installer. After selecting the location, click the "Save" button .

  • The 22.9 Megabyte download will start instantly . It will only be a few seconds to wait, at the end and if no error has occurred, the installer will appear in the location chosen previously.

  • When you open the installer, a security box will appear where you must allow the execution . Pressing "Run" will start to load the installation files. At the end you will have the client ready to play.

  • To start the adventure, just open the client that you just installed and if you don't have an account it is possible to create a new one and start in this great game.

How to download and install Old School RuneScape for Mac

If you have an Apple Mac, the steps to download Old School RuneScape are very simple and here we are going to teach you quickly.

  • In principle, what you should do is enter the official page of Old School RuneScape . Here you will see a lot of information about the game that might interest you. At the top left of the page you will find a green arrow where it says "Download Old School" , click to go to the next step.

  • Below you will see several options that you can choose depending on the platform you are going to use. In this case, click on the option «Download Mac Client»

  • Then a box will open where you must choose the folder where you want to save the client. Select the preferred location and save the location. Very similar to the steps in Windows.

  • Now you only have to wait a few seconds for the installer to download, and if all goes well, you will have the installer in the location you had previously chosen.

  • After waiting you must go to the installer and open it, then they will start to load all the game files until the installation is complete.

  • At the end of the installation you can open the game and create your character in case you don't have one.

How to download and install Old School RuneScape for Android and iOS mobiles

Two years ago the mobile version came out which was highly requested by the community. Now you can enjoy RuneScape wherever and whenever you want. It is important to mention that some functionalities on PC and Mac are not activated on mobiles. But if you still don't know how to download RuneScape on your mobile phone, whether it's Android or iOS, here we present all the steps to do it.

On Android

  • The first thing you should do is check that your mobile device has enough space for the Old School RuneScape application. This application has a weight of 99 Megabytes, which is quite light.

  • Knowing that you have enough space to download the application, go directly to the Play Store . In the search engine of the Play Store write "Old School RuneScape" and it should be the first option that appears. To confirm that it is the real application, you will see the name of the developer, which in this case is: Jagex Games Studio.

  • After finding the application, click "Install . " If everything goes well, wait a couple of seconds to start living the adventure.

  • At the end of the download, open the application and it is possible to start playing at ease from the comfort of the Android mobile device.

On iOS

  • The application on Android and iOS is basically the same, so you will have to verify that your smartphone has available the 99 Megabytes that the application weighs.

  • Then go directly to the App Store and search for the Old School RuneScape app .

  • Now proceed to install the application and you will have to wait a few seconds for it to finish.

  • After having the application installed on your iOS mobile or tablet, you just have to open the application to enter your account or, if you don't have it, create a new one.

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