How to enlarge the font on a smartphone?

How to enlarge the font on a smartphone?

Today, each of us has the opportunity to appreciate all the convenience of using a smartphone , since the capabilities of this device allow replacing several gadgets at the same time .

You can no longer spend money on the purchase of laptops, cameras, fitness trackers, rangefinders, e-books, audio players and other electronics, since all these functions can be performed by smartphones with special applications installed.

User Settings


In the event that you spend a lot of time in front of the smartphone screen, it is recommended to adjust the device settings in such a way that it is as convenient to use it as possible.

Have you noticed that the font size on your smartphone running Android OS you do not like? Enlarging the letters is a snap, making your eyes much less tired when reading text.

Settings for increasing the font on a smartphone running Android OS

Settings - Display - Text size - Move the slider to the right until you find the size of the letters most suitable for yourself.

There are 5 different settings to choose from:

  • Small
  • Usual
  • Large
  • Maximum
  • Huge.

How to enlarge text on iPhone?

In the iOS operating system, this action can be performed in several ways.

  • The easiest and most logical way to enlarge something on the iPhone screen is to use the Pinch-to-zoom function , that is, simply move two fingers apart on the screen in different directions. Thus, you can enlarge not only the text, but also other elements. To be fair, I must say that this function does not work in all applications.

  • Another method allows you to enlarge the text using the Settings: Settings -> General -> Screen and brightness -> Text size then use the slider to set the size that suits you.

  • Another way: Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Larger text -> Larger sizes -> Enable

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