How to fix the problem of charging the DualSense of PS5 in sleep mode

How to fix the problem of charging the DualSense of PS5 in sleep mode

Many gamers are starting to enjoy their brand new PlayStation 5 , but they are running into a curious problem. The new Sony console, although it is an outstanding machine, as we told you in our in-depth analysis of PS5 , is not exempt from certain flaws inherent to a hardware just launched on the market. Have you tried charging your DualSense in PS5 Sleep Mode and you couldn't? Well don't worry, because we have the solution in this simple guide.

Charging the PS5 DualSense in Sleep Mode - Problems and Solutions

You have surely seen, or even checked, that the DualSense controller does not charge in the front USB ports when the console is in Sleep Mode . As with PS4, the new PlayStation 5 incorporates this feature to turn off, but not completely. Thanks to this, you can keep downloading files or games while other things are being done, and without hogging the TV.

However, many users are finding that it is indeed not possible to charge the PS5 controller when the console is in Sleep Mode . Is there no way to do it? The truth is that yes, and the solution is something very simple.

Rear ports are the remedy

If we take a look at a PlayStation 5, we can easily see that, on its front, it has two USB ports . Higher up there is a type A USB port and, lower down, a type C port, which we can see on smartphones or even on console controls. The interesting thing here is to take a look at the rear . In it, in addition to the Ethernet port, the HDMI and the current one, we have two USB ports of type A at 10 Gbps.

In order to charge the DualSense in the PS5's Sleep Mode , what you must do is connect it to any of the rear USB of the console . Thus, even when in this energy saving option, it will continue to charge the pad without problems.

Can it be loaded on the front?

At the moment, it is not possible. However, it is to be expected that Sony will release an update for the PS5 firmware that allows using the front USB to charge the DualSense battery in Sleep Mode. If it fails in your case, remember that the back is the one that has the key to fix everything, at least until a patch or an official fix comes out. Which, more than likely, will arrive before the end of 2020.

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