How to get the platinum trophy in Fall Guys


How to get the platinum trophy in Fall Guys

One of the reasons that Fall Guys has positioned itself as one of the best games is thanks to its incredible design. It is one of the games with the best playability, it also allows interaction with other players to be much more direct and fluid and one of the things that are very interesting are the trophies. Today we will talk in detail about how to get the platinum trophy in Fall Guys .

What must be done to get the platinum trophy in Fall Guys?

First of all, it must be clear that the trophies that are achieved in the game are a reward for having achieved some AzaƱa . They are classified according to the level of difficulty they have to achieve them, and it can only be done by playing and gaining experience in the game.

As you pass the levels you can get the trophies, taking into account that the platinum trophy is the highest level trophy that can be achieved. In such a way that it is also the most difficult to obtain and the only way to do it is by getting all the other trophies that are in the game in each of the levels.

From the bronze level which is where the lower level trophies are found and there are a total of 21. Then the silver trophies which have a slightly higher level and in total there are 8 silver trophies that you must get.

Without leaving aside the 5 gold trophies that you must possess in order to continue advancing, once you have it all, the reward will be the platinum trophy that you long to have.

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