How to have the same account on two Nintendo Switch

It's been more than a year since Nintendo Switch Lite was released and some players have it as a secondary console. However, when it was announced, many doubts arose as to whether the same Nintendo Account could be linked to both consoles simultaneously. This is possible and allows you to enjoy the digital games you have purchased on any console, but there are some annoying limitations . The problem comes when it is not the main console because players cannot access digital games. So today we are going to explain how to have the same account on two Nintendo Switches to get the most out of it.

The first time you use your Nintendo Account to access a console's eShop, it is automatically registered as the primary console for that account. One of the benefits is that all downloaded games can be played without an internet connection (except to use online features, which also requires a Nintendo Switch Online subscription). On the other hand, if you want to access this digital content on the other console, it must be permanently connected to the Internet.

There is still a major conflict when trying to play a digital game on both consoles at the same time . If you are using a downloadable program on a different console than the main one and your Nintendo Account is used to access a downloadable program on another Nintendo Switch console, the program will be paused . There is a way to use both consoles at the same time without having to create multiple accounts on Nintendo Switch and share digital games .

How to register the main console

The secondary console cannot share games with other user profiles. This means that other users can only play digital games on the main console. Therefore, you must turn your secondary console into the main one so that any user can enjoy digital games offline, which will also allow the use of digital content on both consoles without limitations .

For example, if you have a Nintendo Switch and a Nintendo Switch Lite, it is recommended that Lite be the main console to take it everywhere and be able to continue playing digital games without connection with the same or another user. If you play with another user, both consoles will be able to access digital games without interruption . Here we tell you how to configure the Switch as the main console from the PC or the console itself in simple steps:

From the main console:

  • Go to Nintendo eShop on your main console.
  • Click [Account Information] from the profile photo.
  • Select [Delete Registration] in the [Main Console] section.
  • And in the other console , enters eShop to said console main register.

From the PC:

  • Enter the official Nintendo website .
  • Sign in in the upper right corner.
  • Click on your username and select [Settings] .
  • Choose [Store Menu] and enter [Unregister Main Console] .
  • Enter your account password again.

How to transfer save games from one console to another

These issues between consoles do not occur with physical games, for which the cartridge is required. So the most comfortable option to share games is to have them in physical format . When changing the main console, your games may have stayed on the original console and you want to continue them. There are several ways to transfer save data from one console to another . The most efficient and fastest is to recover the backup of save data in the cloud , a service to which only subscribers of Nintendo Switch Online have access.

It is possible to transfer user data and save on Nintendo Switch.

In that sense, you have to bear in mind that not all games are compatible with saving in the cloud and that the data transfer is one-way . Once you transfer the data, it is erased from the original console. For the rest, here are the steps to transfer the save data to another Nintendo Switch.

Step by step in the source console

  • In the initial menu, go to [Console Configuration] and select [Data Management].
  • Here you will find the option [Transfer save data] .
  • Choose [Send save data to another console] and select the user to whom this data belongs.
  • Click on the save data file for the program or game you want to transfer to another console (it can only be done one at a time) .
  • Select [Send save data] .

Step by step on the target console

  • Enter [Console Settings], select [Data Management] and [Transfer Save Data] again .
  • Choose [Receive save data] , but make sure both consoles are close.
  • When the transfer is complete, click [OK] to finish the process.

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