How to Remove personal data from an Android smartphone?

How to Remove personal data from an Android smartphone?

Each user of a mobile phone or smartphone should remember that when selling his phone, he also transfers all personal information with him to a completely stranger: SMS messages, contacts, photos, videos, etc.

You can, of course, object to this: supposedly all information has been deleted and there is nothing to worry about. But any deleted information is very easy to recover.

All that is needed for this is a desire and a few special programs. So how do you completely delete all data from your phone? This article will answer this question.


The very first thing to do is to delete all contacts and SMS messages without exception. If you delete them in the usual way, then they can then be quite easily restored using special spyware, of which there are now a great many.

This program, having detected a phone connected to the computer, immediately begins to create an image of its memory, thereby restoring deleted contacts and messages.

To delete all SMS messages once and for all, you only need to rewrite the SIM card. For this there is a device called a SIM Card Stick. With this device, you can completely delete all messages from your SIM card and edit all the remaining contacts on your computer.

You can also find programs on the Internet with which you can recover multimedia files deleted from your phone - audio, video, recordings, etc.

If there is no desire to share fragments from your personal life (today, to upload a video to YouTube, a few mouse clicks are enough), then they must be permanently deleted.

Eraser program


For this there is the Eraser program. It is distributed on the Internet absolutely free. With it, you can erase all information from your smartphone's memory card.

The program is capable of deleting data not only from the phone's memory card, but also from the hard drive and flash card.

If the data from the memory card cannot be deleted for some reason (for example, the program is not recognized or recognized incorrectly), then you can do it in another way.

It is suitable for phones with built-in video and photo cameras. If you have a camera, then first you need to reset all the settings to the factory settings (for this, the phone has a special function), and then point the camera, for example, at the wall, and shoot until the memory runs out.

All old files will be permanently deleted and replaced with new ones. After such procedures, you can safely sell, transfer or give your mobile phone to anyone without any fear.

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