Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales: Act 1: Hold On to Your Web-Shooters Walkthrough

Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales: Act 1: Hold On to Your Web-Shooters Walkthrough

This Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Walkthrough article on PS4 and PS5 accompanies you through the main mission “Hang on to your webcasters” by showing you the procedure, the fights to lead and the puzzles to. solve so that you can complete the game 100% safely.

Once you've passed the intro cutscenes, familiarize yourself with getting around the city. In short, keep your finger on R2 all the time , release the button when you're high up and press CROSSto pick up speed . The key CROSSis always used to jump and R2 is always used to run. Even on the walls.


Once the meeting point with the great Peter Parker is reached, a new cutscene begins. Following an unfortunate ball from Miles which leads to a helicopter crash, you face the terrible Rhino . While Peter occupies it, the game teaches you the basics of fighting some prisoners that Miles has freed. Go wild and be sure to check out our beginner's guide to improve your combat skills !

Once your best punch combos are completed with a few web throws and well-timed dodging , the game continues with a walk in a shopping center on the back of a supervillain. This little moment of action is not very complex but not very readable. Just head to the right or left at each obstacle clearly marked as such. A pole or a billboard for example. Lighter obstacles like a window or a low wall do not inflict any damage on you. Pay attention, there is a small QTE(short for Quick Time Event, it is a moment during which you will have to press a key (or hammer it) to perform an action) in the middle of the mall. If you get there, Miles will save a baby in his stroller. If you miss, Peter will take care of it. No serious consequences for the moment but it prepares you for a new QTE later in the mission which will be much more decisive. The mini cutscene with the man dressed as Santa Claus marks the end of the rodeo on Rhino, but don't let go! 


Once thrown off Rhino's back, you'll have to follow him through town. If the villain moves away more than 150 meters, it's game over . Don't panic, keep your finger on R2, use it carefully CROSS and you'll be fine! You will end up catching your target in a few tens of seconds. All that remains is to press TRIANGLE to return to his back and end this long journey through New York... in a huge explosion.

A little more patience before facing the boss. For now, it's still Peter who takes care of it. There, you will have to face three waves of enemies . The first is right in front of you. The following are located high up, you cannot miss them, everything is indicated on the screen by a small yellow triangle. Regarding the combat itself, be very careful with firearms . Taking a full blast of a submachine gun causes you to lose almost half of your health bar. We recommend that you attack your opponents one by one and dodge often . From afar you can prevent your worst enemies from doing harmby sausage them in your fabrics (R1) or by stealing their weapons.


Once you understand the technique everything is very simple. Just put a punch loaded with bio-electricity (L1 + SQUARE) then spam SQUARE until the end of the basic combo. Your webs and your blows outside paralysis do no damage and expose you to a retaliation. So note that apart from the sequence that we have just described, there is no point in using any attack . Just dodge your opponent's charges and stones by pressing CIRCLE as soon as you smell the danger. The dodges allow you to recharge your bio-electricity bar!

Don't make the same mistake we did and spam the key  SQUARE at QTE 

This is where your very first mission in the main story ends. Following this action-packed introduction, Peter announces his departure for Europe. He gives you the city and a nice gift. To find out what it contains, go to the rest of the story, to the Parting Gift mission !

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