Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales: Act 10: Underground Undercover Walkthrough

Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales: Act 10: Underground Undercover Walkthrough

This Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Walkthrough article on PS4 and PS5 guides you through the main mission “Underground Undercover” by telling you the procedure, the fights to lead and the puzzles to solve in order to that you can complete the game 100% safely.

While waiting for Miles to make up his mind to make a phone call to Phin, we recommend that you embark on a side quest (like the closing of the Harlem FEAST for example), this always allows you to gain experience and tokens. activity! As usual, the quest ends up going on its own, and all you have to do is follow the little yellow triangle. Miles and Phin meet directly in the premises of the Underground, hope that this infiltration mission is calmer than the previous one!

Once there, activate your Spider-sense with R3 to locate the clues (they will be highlighted). There are a number of them, including a bag that is imperative to interact with. Nothing is hidden, the hideout is small, you can't miss it!

Once the hunt for clues is over, serious things can finally begin, Miles puts on his costume, spots a good old ventilation duct (you don't change a winning team), and off we go!

The next room can be quite tricky to navigate as it is teeming with enemies. Be stealthy and methodical . We give a bunch of general combat advice in the mission 9 and 4 walkthroughs . In short, remember these 5 great tips:

  • Use Stealth and Stealth Kills whenever possible before rushing into the fray;
  • Target snipers , machine guns and lone enemies first;
  • Remember to take care of yourself in the event of a problem;
  • Dodge regularly in order to keep your combos as long as possible and place fatal blows;
  • Stay in a corner rather than at the heart of the battle, this avoids being attacked from everywhere at the same time;
  • Move quickly from one enemy to another with TRIANGLE and L2 + R2.

The hardest part here is and will remain the snipers (by the way, do not attack groups of snipers. While you beat one, the other two or three will kill you). Once your Camouflage is no longer useful , it is absolutely necessary that you fight in a corner of the map protected from long-range shots (behind a pillar for example) and that you let your opponents come over you one by one. a. In the event of a health problem, flee with L2 + R2 and let off steam on an isolated enemy . This allows you to recharge a little bio-electricity and heal you quietly.

Once all these happy people put out of harm's way, a secret passage is unlocked in the center of the great room. A little bit of R1 + L1 and you're in a hidden elevator!

Once again, the doors are locked, but not the air ducts (it's crazy this constant need to air in supervillains). As soon as you exit the elevator, lift your head and crawl to access the next room. You will find Phin there in the middle of a discussion.

When you regain control of Spidey, it will be a brawl! A new type of adversary stands before you: swordsmen. They aren't the most formidable members of the Underground, but best avoided if Spidey doesn't have some drums. Along the way, you unlock a new bio-electric technique : sprinting. For the moment, we do not necessarily recommend its use. Sprinting doesn't become interesting until a few levels later, when you get the skill that improves it. In short, here is our video of this short end of mission fight!

You just got everything you needed. All you have to do is get out of this poorly cleaned hideout. One door and one window later , the mission ends.

The next mission of the main scenario takes place at the opera house and is called " Curtain Call ".

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