Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales: Act 13: Tinker Tailor Spider Spy Walkthrough

Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales: Act 13: Tinker Tailor Spider Spy Walkthrough

This Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Walkthrough article on PS4 and PS5 guides you through the main mission “Tinker Tailor Spider Spy” by showing you the process, the fights to be fought and the puzzles to be solved so that you can complete the game 100% safely.


It all started with a symbolic meeting for Miles and Phin: a church roof surrounded by buildings. Once there, Rhino interrupts your romantic discussion and you find yourself in a torture chamber, deep in a Roxxon compound. At the end of the cutscene, the game teaches you a new bio-electric technique: Mega-Discharge. This blast consumes 2 bars of bio-electricity but it hits all enemies within a fairly large radius around Spidey. In this case, it allows you to free you from your bonds while knocking out the guards who torture you.

Here you are again in charge of Miles. Head to the computer to get a map of the place and then continue your way quietly to a large room infested with guards. You know the song, first you have to do a few kills in camouflage, then try to isolate your opponents. If you manage your bio-electricity bar well between attacks and regeneration, everything will be fine! 

Once the room cleared of its NPCs, run again to the computer and then to the large double door. No puzzles, no fighting, and here you are again in the middle of a new cutscene featuring Uncle Aaron and Simon Krieger.

To avoid being spotted, you escape with Phin in new conduits filled with cables. Put a good shot of bio-electricity in the generator on your left to open the door and continue your great escape!


Finally a new enigma! As usual, press R3 to locate all the conductors with which it is possible to interact. Start by restoring power with a punch to the generator in the room. Your mission is to place a kind of engine on the central platform. To do this, you will need to use the large crane at the back of the room.

Your Spider-sense ( R3 ) informs you that there are two connectors to connect: one near the computer and one on the crane. Problem: a window makes this connection impossible. A hit of L1 + R1 on the crane to bring the connector within range and voila!

Now that you have linked the crane and the computer, all you have to do is plug them in!

And there you have it, your little manipulation made it possible to overload a motor with electricity. Swing it towards your exit door with L1 + R1 then simply go to the next room.

In the next room, you discover a new type of enemy: the anti-camouflage soldiers . As their name suggests, they will detect you in no time at all so avoid them as much as possible during the first phase of your fights. Apart from these new adversaries, there is nothing new. Well, yes, you can try to use the crane in this room as you did 5 minutes ago, but it's a lot less fun and a lot more complicated than rushing through the heap .

As long as you let your opponents come to you and use your bio-electricity wisely, you have nothing to fear!

Once your enemies are defeated, just follow the yellow triangles on the screen, as usual. You just have to let yourself be carried to the boss.


This boss is, in our humble opinion, the most difficult in the game. Rhino attacks you endlessly and he is surrounded by Roxxon soldiers who pop endlessly (which is handy for regaining bio-electricity but annoying for fight in peace). It is done in 3 phases, but there is a checkpoint between each of them . Let's take them apart one by one.

Phase 1

In phase 1, you can be the best fighter in the world, it won't be of any use to you. You have to perfectly dodge a charge from Rhino in order to get on its back with a QTE (TRIANGLE). Once at the controls of the beast, rush on one of the tanks at the edge of the map. The explosion is powerful enough to pierce the boss's armor and paralyze him for a few seconds. This gives you time to place a classic combo (4 x SQUARE). Repeat this action 3 or 4 times and you will move on to phase 2! Do not forget to regain life in the event of a problem by inflating yourself with bio-electricity against the little soldiers. Here is our video of the first phase.

Phase 2

Rhino will start throwing tanks at you. So much the better. This allows them to recover their destroyed engines filled with NUFORM (exactly the same kind of engine as the one in the crane room). By pressing R1 + L1 near the engines you can launch them at Rhino and they will have the exact same effect as the tanks from phase 1 (be careful, like when throwing a gun, it makes you vulnerable ) . Take advantage of the few seconds of paralysis to beat the boss! Don't be as sluggish or sluggish as we are and run between each motor pressing R2 .

Phase 3

Classic Rhino! Like in the game's very first mission, there is nothing more to do except shoot an electric potato , perform a combo to recharge a bio-electricity bar, then start over.

This boss is only the first of a small series. You will find the next one in the next mission called " Thicker than Blood ".

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