Marvel's Spider-Man : Miles Morales: Act 15: Like Real Scientists Walkthrough

Marvel's Spider-Man : Miles Morales: Act 15: Like Real Scientists Walkthrough

This Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Walkthrough article on PS4 and PS5 guides you through the main mission “Like Real Scientists” by showing you the process, the battles to be fought and the puzzles to be solved so that you can complete the game 100% safely.


Before starting this mission, the game warns you that this is the last moment to try to scratch an additional level or mod before completing the main storyline. From level 15 and with your 4 mod slots filled (2 outfits and 2 lenses), you should pass without a problem! The hardest part is behind you, sincerely.

The mission begins on a large platform at the edge of the ocean. Considering the number of enemies, you have to be methodical if you don't want to take a beating. Let's go together, step by step.

Start by perching on top of the long white structures that line the map. From there you have privileged access to all the small platforms that many snipers are nestled on. As soon as you pass over one of them, activate Camouflage then eliminate a sniper . We keep saying it: combat is always much easier without snipers.

Once you 've got rid of the snipers, climb discreetly on the roof of the large building at the bottom of the map. From there you will have a beautiful view on the terrace . Try to lure enemies one by one into an isolated corner with the web launchers and then do as many stealth killings as possible. If you get spotted, that's okay. As long as you stay on this terrace, there will be relatively few enemies to take down. And then, the assassination of the snipers should have allowed a considerable gain of bio-electricity.

Now all that remains is to finish the job with the few enemies scattered all the way down. Always stay as stealthy (-ve) as possible , aim at heavily armed enemies first, and don't rush through the middle of ten soldiers headlong. By attacking enemies in groups of 2 or 3 without a sniper to cover them, "clean" the map is child's play!


Here is the ultimate enigma of the game. You will find with joy (or not) a large electrified plate, generators to type, plates to rotate and lots of small connectors to link together. A bio-electric maxi-best-of.

Everything starts from the central terrace and its bio-electric hob. Press R3 to locate the places where the cables leave and to which generators they are connected.

You will quickly see that most generators are in containers closed by electric grids. To open these grids, you have to connect a container connector to a connector placed on one of the big white balls of the huge pivoting structure in the center of the map.

Let's start with the connectors closest to the electrified plate (images below). Rotate the large central structure aiming it with L1 + R1 until one of the balls can be connected to the connector of one of the containers. A first electrified gate opens and you can quietly explode the generator.

The second curtain connects to the same white ball . It's a gift.

And two. The next one is on the eastern corner of the yellow mini-map. This time, the connector to be reached is completely out of reach of any ball of the central structure. It will have to be connected to the connector on the opposite wall, which will act as a relay . And since a picture is better than a thousand words: this is what all this gibberish means

The last connector, at the far south of the map, is the simplest. Rotate the central structure until the lowest ball can be reached. And that's all.

Now that all the generators are destroyed, all that's missing is a good hammer blow ( L1 + [key21] + [key22] ) on the metal plate. Here you are inside the science museum. That's where Phin must be, as she wants to get their hands on the power converter that she and Miles built in their younger years. Go slowly until the flashback begins.


This flashback begins with a pleasant visit to the museum with your best friend. Problem: once in front of the elevator, you are picked up by a lady at the entrance. But it takes more to discourage Miles and Phin! Head towards the glass door on your left (everything is indicated by the traditional little yellow triangles).

To open the door, you need to steal two objects : a polymorphic object and a reflecting object. Both of these items are on display in the room you are in. The first is very easy to find. Retrace your steps past the elevator and you'll see a large booth filled with metal plates that keep changing shapes. By the way, you will even meet Peter Parker in person!

The second object is much more discreet. It is a solar mirror which is located near the big car made to drive on Mars . The stand is quite small, be careful!

Once you have both items in your possession, head back to the locked door. Miles will slip polymorphic object in its platform, and it will be yours to do change shape with L and make it rotate with R . The image below indicates the angle and shape you are looking for.

Here you are in the temporary exhibition! Go from table to table until you find the coveted energy converter. This is where the flashback ends.


The reunion with Phin doesn't go very well, and she ends up sending her minions to attack you. Just watch out for snipers perched on a distant balcony. Make them priority targets.

All that's left to do is escape the museum through a trap door on the ceiling and the final mission called " The Battle for Harlem" begins on its own.

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