Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales: Act 5: La Nochebuena Walkthrough

Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales: Act 5: La Nochebuena Walkthrough

This Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Walkthrough article on PS4 and PS5 accompanies you through the main mission “La Nochebuena” by showing you the process, the fights to be carried out and the puzzles to be solved so that you can complete 100% trouble-free play.


This mission takes place entirely at Miles. Once at "you", you can have fun interacting with elements of the decor, but there is nothing compulsory. Go join Ganke and Rio Morales at the show!

Once there, Rio asks you to prepare a party atmosphere. There are two things to do: put on some music and plug in the tree . You are free to go to the record player (at the back of the living room) or to the Christmas tree (near the window) first! For the example, let's start here with the record player. After pressing TRIANGLE, you realize that there is no vinyl near you. Rio sends you to find them in her room. Choose the one of the three that you think is the most sympathetic! Once the vinyl is in hand, place it in the record player and then go to the tree to light it, always by pressing TRIANGLE, quite simply.

The lounge barely ready, a surprise guest rings the doorbell, Ms. Morales invites you to go and open. In front of you is Phin, Miles' childhood friend!


Perhaps because of your friend's handling with the doorbell, a power cut plunges the whole neighborhood into darkness. But that's not a problem for Spider-Man! Escape through your bedroom window then press R3 (by pressing the right stick) to activate your Spider-sense. As Miles is an expert in electricity, he can see all electric currents, even through walls! So follow the yellow lines that lead you to the left. Even if you have the impression of rushing into the void, always continue to the left, the goal is to change the side of the building . Regularly press R3 so you never lose the yellow lines in your eyes and you will quickly come across the electric transformer.

You just have to put a good discharge of bio-electricity to the transformer to light up the whole neighborhood again! Problem: Miles becomes much more visible with all that light. The game may put pressure on you, know that there is no time limit or risk to get caught , at least not according to our tests. Make a quiet U-turn, and don't hesitate to press R3 again if you are lost . Follow the small yellow triangle as usual, then sneak out the living room window. Don't panic, Ganke has you covered!

Everything is now ready to have a great New Year's Eve with the people who are dear to you! A very long cutscene ends this short, purely scripted mission.

The introduction of the game is now complete and the adventure can finally begin in earnest! The next mission is called " Reconnecting " .

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