Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales: Act 7: Time to Rally Walkthrough

Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales: Act 7: Time to Rally Walkthrough

This Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Walkthrough article on PS4 and PS5 walks you through the main mission “Time to Rally” by showing you the process, the fights to be fought and the puzzles to be solved so that you can complete the game 100% safely.

It all starts quietly with a walk with Ganke near the meeting place. We invite you to stroll between the stalls and enjoy the festive atmosphere around you because all this will be brief. Don't hesitate to interact with as many NPCs as possible , it makes the story much more understandable and immersive!

Once there, a Mysterious Silhouette, boss of the Undergroud who calls himself Tinkerer , hacks the meeting screens to broadcast a message against Roxxon and his boss, Simon Krieger. It's panic, but luckily Spider-Man is here!

Once the meeting is over, head straight for one of New York's most famous bridges, where the battle rages between Roxxon and the Underground. Don't panic, this new meeting point is indicated on the map!

Once there, it's time for the big reveal : under the mask of Tinkerer hides Phin, your childhood friend with whom you had a date earlier in the evening. No more time to waste , we must defeat the Underground before the NUFORM blows up the bridge!

As a good example is often better than long speeches, here is our video of the fight that awaits you on the bridge. Note that we are at the Unbelievable difficulty level and that we are doing nothing other than applying all the advice given in the 4th mission . You will notice that there is no point in moving with the left stick, jumping from enemy to enemy and dodging does the job much better. Remember: isolating your opponents, healing yourself and dodging bullets are the three pillars of a successful fight. Good luck !

You end up defeating the Underground, but the bridge still threatens to collapse. A long cutscene filled with QTE awaits you . Don't miss a single one, or you'll kill civilians! You are now used to it, you will have to spam  SQUARE for all actions that require force and press R1 for all actions that require launching a web. The scene may be engaging, stay on your guard!

Trapped by Roxxon on the brink, Miles discovers a new power: invisibility . From there, there's nothing more to do except admire the game's beautiful cutscenes.

The mission officially ends just as you regain control of Miles. There, we strongly advise you to do a little side quest or two and go collect some collectibles . The XP, abilities, and activity tokens earned will still come in handy, and this allows you to wait quietly for the next main mission to be available (it is relatively quickly, but don't rush it! short enough, it would be a shame not to take full advantage of it).

Once you've made your upgrades, we invite you to continue Miles and Phin's story through the next Mission: Someone Left the Lights On… . This is no more and no less than an undercover mission at Phin to understand what she's up to and why she's up to it!

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