Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales: We’re Here for You Walkthrough

Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales: We’re Here for You Walkthrough

This Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Walkthrough article on PS4 and PS5 guides you through the main mission “We're here for you” by showing you the process, the battles to be fought and the puzzles to be solved so that you can complete the game 100% safely.

As usual, start by traveling to your meeting point indicated on your screen by a yellow triangle. This time you have to go to Roxxon Plaza . There, a long cinematic introduces you to the world of the game: the big company Roxxon has for project to supply the city with NUFORM , a "clean energy", and a very well armed group called the Underground opposes them. 

After this cutscene, perform a spider jump through the window using the L2 + R2 buttons (this key combination should be remembered , it is very practical both for entering confined spaces and for perching quickly in a specific place) then go to the computer near the window. There, a member of the Underground attacks you! And let's go for the first big fight of the game!

The first wave of enemies is not very difficult to defeat. Even at the Incredible difficulty level , you can get there without losing a single hit point. The key is not to jump into the fray with your head down. Eliminate your opponents one by one, rushing through TRIANGLE the most isolated members of the Underground. Send them flying in the air, chain together basic combos and use your finishing blows on enemies with the most hit points. Remember to press regularly CIRCLE to dodge bullets or pass between the legs of opponents who attack with the big purple fists. The game tells you that the only way to get past their defense is to put a bio-electric charge on them, but know that if you run out of sparks a good dodge is just as good! We do not recommend wasting a bioelectrical attack at this time. Reload fully and reserve your best punch for the next group of enemies.

Once your first opponents are beaten, turn around quickly : new opponents shoot you from a high terrace! Go straight for them with L2 + R2 or swoop down directly on a first target by pressing TRIANGLE as soon as you are in range. There we have 3 tips for you to shine in this fight:

  • The purple bombs sent by some of your opponents are fairly easy to avoid since they take long seconds to explode. You are free to run outside the impact radius with R2, jump on a target further away with it  TRIANGLE, flee using  CROSS R2 follow-up, or just dodge right on time with  CIRCLE (but that requires a good sense of timing).
  • Ranged opponents with guns are by far the most dangerous! Focus on them first. You must kill them because even if you disarm them, their weapon reappears in about ten seconds. In any case, never be with your back to the pistols and submachine guns , you must imperatively dodge the bullets with them CIRCLE.
  • If you tend to take a lot of damage, know that your bio-electricity can also be used to heal you! Sometimes it is much more profitable not to use an electronic punch just to regain life.

Be careful, the opponents present on this terrace will hardly be on the ground when you will already be attacked from a distance by other members of the Underground, perched a few more meters above you . To reach them quickly, we recommend that you aim at an enemy and press  TRIANGLE. Stay alert, guns abound! As usual, try to go after the more menacing enemies first, including crippling them with R1 , isolating your opponents, attacking in the air, and dodging regularly. This 3rd group of enemies is the last to beat before a checkpoint , you're almost there!

When there's more, there's more. A yellow triangle tells you that the rest of the mission takes place inside a Roxxon building accessible by aiming it with L2 + R2. Go for it and get ready for the fight because the welcoming committee is not giving you a gift.

Take a quick tour of the skills menu to improve yourself (we recommend "Flashback") then head to Miles' apartment . His mother and his best friend are waiting for him there to celebrate Christmas as it should during the next mission called " La Nochebuena ".

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