Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales: Robbers Target Local Biz Walkthrough

Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales: Robbers Target Local Biz Walkthrough

Follow this part of the Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales guide for PS4 and PS5 to find out where to find, how to unlock and especially how to complete the side mission “Robbers Target Local Biz”. 

The stocks of all the small businesses in the area are being looted and the police don't care: it's a business for the friendly neighborhood spider! After talking to the neighborhood merchants (right next to Théo's shop, not far from Miles' place ... well, you know where to go, just follow the little blue triangle ). You are informed that a shopkeeper has gone head-to-head, determined to do justice to herself. Obviously, she was kidnapped.

Go to the scene of the crime of the Harlem gang. The police are there and analyze the clues. It will be your turn to do it, being as discreet as possible. Gain height and travel from beams to lampposts with L2 + R2 (if you try to jump forward, you will not be precise and you will have a good chance of being burned by the police). Once perched, press R3 to display the clues to analyze in yellow highlight.

  • The first is easy to find: it is a parking ticket near the tire tracks on the ground. Do not forget to use the Camouflage , it is especially important not that a police officer notices you!
  • The second clue is less intuitive. You can see that damn jacket highlighted in yellow, but it's completely impossible to handle as long as a police officer is watching it, even if you're Camouflaged. Use a web launcher a few yards from the cop . It will move towards the source of the noise and you will have free rein to access the evidence. If it's not clear, here are some explanatory pictures.
Now that you know where the kidnapped woman is, follow her trail until you start a chase with a red car. Take height with R2 and speed with CROSS. Once you are close enough to your target, you can jump on it with it TRIANGLE. Eliminate the bandits one by one by pressing SQUARE near their windows as they exit. Voila, you can free this poor trader!

But that's not all. You still have to find the stolen goods . Meet at the warehouse near the port. Once there, use Camouflage . The objective is to listen to the conversations of the brigands in order to locate the right container. Run towards small groups of enemies with R2 while keeping an eye on your Camouflage bar. Use L2 + R2 to a high place to flee just before becoming visible again.

Your indiscretions logically end up leading you to the container connected to a pulley. You know the song, stand in front of the mechanism, press L1 + R1 to activate it, then, quickly, aim at it with L2 then shoot web launchers with R1 . Your objective is to successfully block the container in the position of the second screenshot below.

All that remains is to clean up with a good old-fashioned fight . You know our tips: start by aiming at isolated targets while being camouflaged, stay in a corner of the map, dodge often, don't forget to heal yourself, and it's in your pocket!

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