Microsoft thought about ditching consoles after Xbox One launch


Microsoft thought about ditching consoles after Xbox One launch

It's no secret that the launch of the Xbox One was particularly tough, but in a new interview, Xbox chief Phil Spencer gave more insight into Microsoft's inner workings in regards to system crashes.

According to Spencer, the Xbox team was somewhat confused after E3 2013. Xbox boss Don Mattrick then left Microsoft and the team was split into three different departments.

“We took a cohesive team led by Don and split it into three parts, still with the goal of delivering this console with games, and it was difficult,” Spencer said. "I don't think it was the best step for the stability of our launch."


Following the console's launch in November, another high-profile member of the Xbox team, Mark Whitten, left Microsoft. Steve Ballmer did the same, which meant that the company had no CEO. Early the next year, Satya Nadella took over, and he wasn’t the type to immediately understand the importance of gaming to the company. 

“Then the question is, will we develop the Xbox? Because the PlayStation is really outperforming the market right now, Spencer recalls. “Do we stay invested in this? Or will we take another decision? "

Fortunately, during his meeting with Nadella, Spencer was able to convince his new boss to keep giving the Xbox a shot. He became the head of the Xbox division, which also became a de facto division again as the teams that had been split into parts were brought back under the same roof. 

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