Names for Roblox: how to generate nicknames automatically

Names for Roblox: how to generate nicknames automatically

Since the birth of Roblox , it has won the affection of many players, since without any type of marketing this title has become known in the gamer community in a surprising way. And it is not for less, it has multiple advantages and functions that make it stand out from the rest.

One of the reasons why Roblox is so striking is that it is a multi-platform online game , that is, it is possible to play it on: iPhone, iPad, Android, Xbox One, and PC, the latter with the particularity of not require as many resources as other video games.

Although the process to open an account in Roblox is extremely easy and fast, one of the most important decisions is knowing how to choose the name or nickname , since once you establish one, it will not be possible to change it unless you pay a valued fee in 1000 robux .

For that reason, in this article you will learn about some original names for Roblox and how to automatically generate nicknames on different web pages. Go for it!

Name generator for Roblox

On the internet there are various portals whose purpose is to generate Nicknames for video games; However, most of these names are accompanied by quite striking symbols and icons that are unfortunately not permissible in the Roblox system.

At the moment, the platform only supports alphanumeric characters, that is, letters and numbers, and for security reasons, the use of real names is not allowed, since anyone could enter your account and usurp your identity.

If you have no idea what name to put, we have compiled a list so you can choose and see if they are still available. But first, keep these data in mind:

  • The minimum must be 4 characters and a maximum of 20 characters .
  • They must not have special characters, nor more than 2 underscores.
  • Avoid using the name of a banned person.
  • Put the nickname without spaces.
  • You can add uppercase, lowercase, and interleaved numbers.
  • Do not use inappropriate words.

Some Original and creative names for Roblox

  • Life Guardian
  • Steel Separatists
  • Dream Follower
  • ChaosofDiscipline
  • GhostsoftheFuture
  • Capitol
  • Legends
  • Fire's Lord
  • DaphneEgg
  • CapodPyado
  • Hitmancrews
  • BloodyRoar
  • The Avengers
  • BlackCrow
  • Deleriousson
  • Hells Angels
  • Knight Templar
  • SonofHorus
  • Troyhorse
  • OneShotCrew
  • Sand God

Best Pages to Automatically Generate Nicknames for Roblox
When choosing a name for Roblox creativity should flourish, you can mix names, use nicknames of superheroes, movies, anime or a person.

You can choose some of the names described above, but if by chance all are in use, it is possible to generate your own username with the following web pages:


This portal is specialized in creating nicknames for all types of games, and not only to create usernames, but also for clan passwords and nicknames. In Nickfinder you can generate names for domains and much more, it is totally free and the advertising is not invasive.

The web interface is quite simple to use , capable of generating thousands of different names and nicknames. For everyone's safety, these names are not stored in your database.

And as we mentioned before, in Roblox you can only use letters and numbers, so in Nickfinder you will have to use the following options:

  • Combine two names: you will have two boxes, which you must fill in with the names you want to mix, followed by this click on «MIX AGAIN» , it will result in different options to choose from.
  • Names of men: it will show a list with the best names of men and organized by each letter of the alphabet.
  • Female names: you will have thousands of female names available to choose from.
If you want to try some options, go to Nickfinder by following this link.


Spinxo is another alternative when searching for names for original Roblox . One of the main attractions of this site is that you can generate names for various platforms such as: users, social networks (Instagram, YouTube) or Gametags, aliases, quizzes and personality.

If you want to search for a nickname automatically, you must fill in a box with 6 questions: "Name or aliases" - "What are you like?" - «Hobbies» - «Things you like» - «Important words? - «Numbers or letters».

Once you have answered all the boxes, click on "SPIN!" , this will generate more than 20 options to choose from. The algorithm takes all the previously requested words and makes various very creative alphanumeric combinations . Enter Spinxo Here.

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