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New Clinical Trials Update for Surgeon Simulator 2

New Clinical Trials Update for Surgeon Simulator 2

Bossa Studios recently announced the latest update to their fun game for Surgeon Simulator 2 . The update is called Clinical Trials , and instead of just adding the update to the game and announcing it ready, Bossa Studios has instead turned the update into a weeklong competition for its players with the odds of winning “controllers, exclusive merchandise, official brand medals” and the grand prize Golden heart.

From November 9-13, Surgeon Simulator 2 players can participate in daily “clinical trials” that will test your virtual reality skills. According to the announcement, these challenges will be a series of ridiculous challenges in which you can practice as many times as you want before doing your best for a chance to win one of the prizes.

Each day, players will be offered different challenges, a total of five challenges. Tasks for every day:

  • Monday: Go The Limb-it! - Twitching legs and throwing arms. Take a limb off the conveyor belt and throw it through the chute to score!
  • Tuesday: Tower Shower - stack as many cardboard boxes as possible. Sounds simple? Believe me, this is not the case.
  • Wednesday: Super Sausage Shredder - Powerful medical equipment meets hot dog eating competition. How many sausages can you shred in the Super Sausage Shredder?
  • Thursday: Cash Grab - Take a coin and insert it into the Penny Pusher - how many coins can you win before your stash runs out?
  • Friday: Hand Ball-oon - One hand, one goal, many, many balloons. Grab as many as possible and shoot at the gate before the time runs out.