New reference to GTA 6? Fans find mysterious "Virginia" teasers

New reference to GTA 6? Fans find mysterious "Virginia" teasers


In the trailer for the next, big heist for GTA Online, fans want a reference to Grand Theft Auto 6. In the form of a Roman VI.

GTA fans believe that the original teaser for the upcoming Cayo Perico heist for GTA: Online contained an even bigger bang: A reference to GTA 6 . In the hustle and bustle of the upcoming robbery, however , this speculation was a bit lost.

What do you see in the trailer?

In the teaser called Surveil.exe you can see a coordinate at the bottom of the screen. So the fans did the obvious and put this into Google Maps. The result caused a stir. Because the position 38.527, -79.6129 shows a mysterious place in the state of Virginia in the United States.

What is so exciting about this place? While Google Maps initially only shows a straight stretch in the mountains, its secret is revealed when you switch to the satellite image view. The place mentioned in the trailer marks a serpentine that looks like the Roman numerals VI.

What does that mean? GTA has been numbering the main parts in the official title with Roman numbers since GTA 2 . These coordinates from the game's official trailer now allude to the potential successor to Grand Theft Auto 5 .

Some fans even go so far as to suspect that GTA 6 is set in Virginia. That would also go hand in hand with the fact that the US state is also abbreviated with "VI". But this is mere speculation.

GTA 6 reference

Does Rockstar want to mislead us?

There have been various rumors and unconfirmed "leaks" about an alleged setting of GTA 6 in the past . Many of them took up the same motive to send us back to Vice City . These guesses were based on a similarity between the Height Society racetrack and the real world geography of the United States.

At the same time, Rockstar secured the strangely specific URL in the past . Combined with statements from rock star co-founder Dan Houser that GTA would “not play in the Trump era” and a stuntman's Instagram post , many players hoped for a return to an 80s setting.

Wrong track? One more way. which one should consider with all these rumors and leaks. is that Rockstar could also deliberately mislead us. Such a procedure would not be a novelty. Out of frustration with leaks, for example, the developer of Apex Legends created a complete character with artwork and skills just to cheat on data and speculation about new content .

In the end, Virginia doesn't even have to be a potential location for GTA 6. Instead, the coordinates could only refer to the fact that the successor at Rockstar Games is in development at all. And for the teaser, the real route in Virginia may just have been the obvious choice. Because regardless of that, at least thanks to an unconfirmed report , we know that Rockstar Games is probably already working on Grand Theft Auto 6.

What's happening at GTA Online?

What is already safe, however, is the upcoming robbery for GTA Online, which will not only provide a new open world area, but also offer content for solo players . In our large overview we summarize all information about the Cayo Perico Heist.

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