New trailer and release date for Re: ZERO -Starting Life in Another World - The Prophecy of the Throne

Spike Chunsoft has released a new trailer for the upcoming Re: ZERO - Starting Life in Another World - The Prophecy of the Throne .

While the previous trailer was mostly about the new characters introduced in the game , this time we'll see mostly familiar faces.

The upcoming Re: ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- The Prophecy of the Throne is a tactical adventure game with an original storyline based on the first season of the Re: ZERO anime -Starting Life in Another World- and is completely controlled by series author Tappi Nagatsuki. The character designs were developed by the series artist, Shinichiro Otsuka, and Subaru's Return by Death ability is an important aspect of the game system, just like in the original works.

A month after Subaru's new life began in another world, an envoy from the royal castle suddenly appears with the news that the royal elections have been postponed, but does not explain why. The postponement of this grand event, which determines the next ruler of the Lugunitsa Kingdom, prompts Subaru and his friends to act. They return to the royal capital only to find that the sixth candidate has claimed his share of the throne. But the Dragon Stone predicts that only five candidates will be chosen. Since one candidate is an impostor, suspicions immediately arise regarding one woman: Emilia. What answers lie outside the mysterious network of murders, betrayals and conspiracies...?

Re: ZERO - Starting Life in Another World - The Prophecy of the Throne will release on January 29, 2021 in North America and February 5 in Europe for PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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