Passage. First mission: Nowhere to run: Adler, Qasim Javadi. CIA Hideout E9 in COD: Black Ops Cold War

Passage. First mission: Nowhere to run: Adler, Qasim Javadi. CIA Hideout E9 in COD: Black Ops Cold War

This is the first story mission in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. You start at a bar where the agents meet to complete the task of reaching Qasim Javadi.

After talking at the table, start following Adler.

After leaving the bar, go to the trunk of the car and take one of the rifles with which you will continue the mission.

Follow Adler until you reach the hotel. Then go to the terrace door and shoot the enemies inside.

Enter the house, deal with the enemies and go to the stairs leading up. Run into the room and go through the window to the roof. You will see Kasim running away in front of you - do not shoot him because you must return him alive.

Be careful, because as soon as you get to the roof, the enemy will attack you. Then press the melee button to quickly kill him. Then shoot the enemies in front.

Run through the roof, eliminating rivals, then turn right and run to the roof of the second building.

Continue to chase Javadi while dealing with enemies. At some point you will find a roof and start sliding down. At the end, the hero will jump and time will slow down, allowing you to deal with the enemies below.

After you deal with them, Adler will hit Kasim. Walk up to him and start a conversation. After receiving important information (select the first options in the dialogue), decide on the fate of Javadi by choosing the appropriate dialogue option - you can free him, throw him or grab him.

Note: During interrogation, you will receive one of the pieces of evidence related to a side mission called Operation Chaos.

Turkey. Airport in Trabzon

After receiving important information, the agents will be transferred to Turkey, where the mission will continue.

Move forward until you and your team reach a location from where you can see the airport. Take out the binoculars and start looking around. At some point, a car will appear, from which the wanted Arash will get out.

When he enters the plane, switch the binoculars to the sniper rifle, aim at Arash and pull the trigger.

Unfortunately, the shot will be inaccurate and this action will trigger an alarm. Quickly break through a group of enemies to a car standing on the asphalt. Get into it with agents and start chasing the plane. Shoot rivals along the way - you can aim at the vehicle itself to detonate it.

At some point, you will take control of a small car with an explosive charge. Avoid enemy cars and head towards the taking off plane. Go under his body and detonate the explosives, which will activate the final scene of the mission.

CIA hideout at E9. COD: Black Ops Cold War Briefing

This is a kind of cut-scene between the missions of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. It will start automatically after completing the quest called "Nowhere to Run". The first goal is to create a new personality for the protagonist.

A card will appear on the left side of the screen , where you will need to fill in the data. It is about name, surname and past. However, the gameplay will be influenced by the psychological profile, that is, the special abilities that our character possesses. It's worth reading them carefully and choosing the two skills that best suit our playstyle.

After making your choice, enter the hideout with the agents and take part in the conference. 

When it ends, go to the Evidence Board where you select the next missions. To start the next one, select the quest "Broken jaw" and select it - this is how you start it.

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